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How many times have you said this lately – to someone else or yourself? I seem to find myself saying this an awful lot. I’m constantly telling myself when I’m stressed out or overwhelmed that I can do this, I got this! This happens more often than not anymore, life has been busy busy!

August 24 we moved into our new house. It cost us a lot more money than we expected to hire movers, and get everything in place that we needed. Hook up fees and deposits were also a huge hassle so I didn’t really give much thought to things that needed to be done around the house. I’ll be honest the curtains were the last thing I thought about and when it was move in time, and our windows were completely exposed that’s when I gave a big “uh oh”

We had all the hooks, hardware and proper rods for our bedrooms and the living room but our dining room has a long tall window beside our backdoor. How in the world was I was I to cover that? As you can see from the photo below there really isn’t space to put a rod, or the rod hardware so I was stumped and really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. But, it had to be covered. Not only could neighbors and passersby see in but our dogs could see out which meant lots of barking (especially at squirrels!)

As a mom you often have to be resourceful and creative. Often we have to DIY things that normally others wouldn’t think of, and I think this was one of them. Finally, an idea popped in my head! I decided to run to Canadian Tire which is so conveniently located around the corner from our new house and I purchased some Screw in Plant hooks. Yep, it was time to DIY and figure out how to get this window covered. Above the window and all around is concrete so this had to work or it would have had to stay uncovered, and that wasn’t an option for me.

I was able to get the curtains hung in less than 5 minutes with only 3 things…. Short and thin curtain rod, screw in plant hangers and a curtain!

diy1Canadian Tire is hosting the You Got This Contest – From September 8-October 6, 2015 Canadian Tire is asking you to upload a video showing how you do a normal, everyday job. Interested? Click here.  There are 5 categories – Home, Outdoor, Sports & Rec, Tools & Hardware, and Auto. Now I know hanging curtains isn’t an everyday job per say, but how helpful is this in a bind?

Want to enter but not sure what to do?

There are so many choices and already so many videos, here are some examples:

  • How to prune a tree or shrub
  • How to replace an air filter

There are also many prizes to be won  including weekly prizes of $500 gift cards and a grand prize of a $3,000 Canadian Tire gift card!

Attend the #YouGotThis Twitter Party:
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Hope to see you all at the party! Follow me @sixtimemommy to follow along with me too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received compensation for participating in this program.

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