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How to Have a Fun & Quiet New Years Eve In With Kids!

How to have a Fun & Quiet New Years Even in With Kids! - Need ideas for things to do with the little ones while home for the evening? This is what we've done for the last 11 years! - sixtimemommy.comI can’t believe I am writing this but it’s the last day of 2014! Where did the year ago? It seems to have flown right by! I hope everyone had a fantastic 2014 and has an even better 2015! I’m ready!

I feel pretty silly admitting this but I have never gone out or celebrated outside of my house, or with adults on NYE. Nope. Never.

I had my first baby 1.5 months into being 18 so I’ve been home with kids every New Years. I’ve never really felt a need to go out and celebrate, at least not yet. I suppose when my kids are older and I’m older I may venture out to do something but for now I enjoy spending that time with my kids.

Over the years we’ve come up with some fun things we like to do, and they love being able to stay up late and be included.

Order in Some Food! They love this. We don’t order in too often as I like making our meals nightly but NYE I let them choose what they want to eat and we order it in!

Camp out! We bring all our blankets and pillows into the living room, cover the floor and grab a spot for the night!

Games! We play a few games after supper and usually end with a fun game of hide and go seek!

Movies! We watch movies until close to midnight! Usually a few kids nod off before which is fine but we generally watch at least 2 movies!

Make up Fun Stories! Sit around in a circle and tell funny stories. True or made up. My kids think this is SO much fun.

Create fun Goals for the Upcoming Year! Kids love having lists of things, at least mine, and they love trying to accomplish what we’ve put on the lists! Kind of like resolutions for kids, but we call them Goals and they can check them off as they go!

Let the kids Play! Just sit back and enjoy them playing. Being with them means more to them than you’ll ever know, and I’m sure you feel the same!

Stay up and Watch the ball Drop! Ever since I can remember I loved staying up to watch the ball drop. It hasn’t really been the same since dick Clark left us but it’s still fun to watch.

Fall asleep surrounded by the kiddos. Camp out in the living room with everyone!

How do you celebrate New Years Eve?  What are your plans this NYE?