How to Make Moving Easier For Younger Kids

How to Make Moving Easier for Younger Kids - sixtimemommy.comWe just moved on August 24th. Thank goodness because our old place, well let’s just say – we are ALL so happy to be out of there. But I was always worried about my kids dealing with a move. We did a big move from Kingston to Toronto in August 2010 but this was going to be a big adjustment for them too so I just wasn’t so sure. They did great and I believe these reasons are why…

A new home is a huge and wonderful investment for your family and knowing how to Make Moving Easier For Young Children is important. Buying a home is a stressful enough event on its own, but it can be made easier by having a helpful real estate firm on your side.

For many children, new and different places can be scary. For a child who has any kind of separation anxiety, a move to a new home could even be traumatic. These tips are great for helping to make that transition easier and less scary for kids of younger ages, but also will work for older kids and even adults.

Spend time at the new home before the official move. Not only do you want them to get familiar with the idea of moving, you want them to be comfortable with where they are moving to. If your new home is in the same state or close enough to drive back and forth a few times easily, take them there regularly before the formal move. Let them see their bedroom, as well as the entire house before you move. Let them spend some time exploring the home, grounds around it and perhaps even making suggestions about where toys, etc. will go in the home. If they have already spent time there before the move, it will be far less scary.

Involve them in decorating their new bedroom. There is nothing like letting them become involved in the decorating process. Seeing as you can’t involve your kids in choosing the furniture, there is always so much you can have them help you with. This just makes things a little bit more fun, as we all know moving can be quite a stressful process for the whole family.

You could involve them in doing something like picking their new mattress from somewhere like Leesa, so they can have their input on what is happening in their room and where things go. While you may not be able to buy all new furniture or do elaborate renovations right away, you can allow them to pick paint colors, curtains or simply choose where their belongings will be arranged in their new room. Getting them involved takes away the mystery and fear, and makes this home their own.

Make sure to keep comfort items in easy to find and unpack boxes. This is especially important for younger kids who need those comfort items handy on a regular basis. Make sure to keep things like their favorite toys, blankets, bears or pillows in easy reach so when you arrive there will be something they love already out and ready for them. These are items that are often suggested to pack in your car or the moving truck you personally will be driving to your new home.

To make moving easier for young children, you have to think about things from their perspective. What are they already afraid of or leery of in their daily lives? Do they have sensory issues? Perhaps they just fear separation from you. Make sure to consider their regular hang ups or issues and focus on what you can do to give them assurance and comfort as you make this transition.

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