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How to Make the Most of Snow Days

Since winter has started we’ve had quite a few snow days. Although our kids walk to school, it’s a little it of a walk for Justin’s little legs (15 minutes) and if the weather is too bad they just stay home. Every snow day we try though – If dad can’t make it down the sidewalk with them he turns around and they come home.

So, what can we do to make the most of snow days? It depends. If the snow day isn’t bad or lets up during the day here are a few ways we make the most of it:

  • Play in the backyard
  • Build a fort
  • Build snowmen
  • Go to the park to slide down the hills
  • Snowball fights!
  • Shovel the driveway

What if the weather is too bad to go outside? Well, we make the most of it indoors:

  • Bake: cookies, cakes, bars, and even no-bake treats
  • Color
  • Paint
  • Get the kids to help with tidying up
  • Watch movies
  • Binge on fun tv shows
  • Play games
  • Do some fun crafts

We try to make the most of the snow days we do actually get because as a kid I never had any. I’d have given anything to have days full of snow and fun with my mom. But, schools were always open, buses always ran and we all loved it. Mountains of snow at school nothing was better.

Kids nowadays are on too many screens and are addicted to video games or online apps. I try to make our snow days free of all that and get them using their minds and hands. Of course, we sometimes do movies but we do it as a family and the kids don’t sit in a corner face buried into a tablet or phone.

Issue a challenge

Last snow day I gave my kids a challenge – I told them if they could figure out the definition of SNOW DAYS the real actual reasons for a snow day to occur and tell me they’d win 30 minutes of screen time. The easy answer would be “Because the weather is too bad to go to school” however, that wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted proper words, and reasons for snow days. This kept the kids busy for quite some time and eventually they all got together and figured it out. It was pretty neat to see. I’d love to come up with more of these for PA days and weekends, and any more snow days we have I think its fun, gets the kids working together and they get the reward they do want – a little bit of screen time!

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