How to Organize Your Spices in a Very Functional Way


I don’t know about you but our spices game is completely off point. Well, it was. I decided enough was enough. I got so tired of our “spice cupboard” being overrun with packages of half full spices I needed to change it up. On a recent trip to the dollar tree I found these containers that are magnetic. I thought they’d make the perfect little jars for spices and just stick them right to the side of our fridge!I wanted to do something fun with them though so of course I pulled out my paint and decided to do a paint brush stroke on each and then label them so we know what they are! I do have a label maker I have had for a few years but it’s packed, has been since we moved and I just didn’t feel like digging it out, plus how cute did they turn out? They are so simple the fact you buy the containers already magnetized makes this so much easier.

Materials Needed:

  • Magnetic Containers from Dollar Tree ($1.00ea in the US and $1.25ea in Canada!)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie
  • Spices
  • Fridge

The instructions? You don’t even need them. They are self explanatory. No need for me to tell you the obvious. But if you are looking for a functional way to organize your spices, and are like me with a cupboard that is overrun with random half bags of them then this is something you can do!Although I don’t find myself in the kitchen as often as I used to be I like having things where I can find them. My husband is the one who is always in the kitchen and he puts things in high places, or at the back where I can’t find them so having the spices where I can get to them easily when I need them is something I am thrilled about now!

How do you organize your spices? Could you use this little easy functional way to organize yours?


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