Tips on How to Teach a Toddler to Share

Toddlers are full of personality and sass. Especially little girls. I’ve now been through 6 toddlerhoods and am on a 7th soon to be the 8th. Let me tell you my girls have been the hardest during toddler time. There are big differences with girls vs boys when it comes to pretty much every stage, but toddlerhood — It’s very evident.

My boys always got along well during toddlerhood. It’s only now that my two youngest boys don’t seem to want to get along much at five and seven. But, that’s a whole other topic for a whole other post!Hanna has been going through this phase where she doesn’t want to share at all. She was fine sharing with her brothers and anyone else up until Mia was able to sit up and play, now Hanna refuses to share with anyone! It’s something we took very seriously right off the bat and are nipping in the bud. Here’s how we are approaching it and dealing with it:

How to Teach a Toddler to Share

  • Imitation: Toddlers learn by imitating what they see. If they’ve seen older kids fighting over favorite toys or spots to sit on the couch they’ll do the same. Have older siblings show your toddler how sharing is fun, nice and good. Show examples of them sharing and give them something to imitate.
  • Sing a fun sharing song: There are many different songs about sharing you can sing together or make one up! Making it fun and creative gets their attention!
  • Be an example: Share one of your favorite things with your child. Tell them it’s your most favorite item and you are letting them use it because you love sharing and don’t mind letting others use your things!
  • Praise: When your toddler does share make a big deal out of it. Tell them how happy you (or whoever they are sharing with) are that they are sharing and are excited to keep it up!
  • Don’t give them trouble: At the toddler age, there is no reason to give them trouble for not sharing. It’s a learning experience and they’ll only learn from being taught and shown. Only positive praise.

Hanna has a big flip when Mia became old enough to play so we are all taking turns helping her see how fun sharing is and how happy it makes the child she is sharing with.

It’s a work in progress but it’s going well. Hanna was the baby and now she’s not so going through all these steps daily and getting the family to pitch in showing her how much fun sharing can be – it will be no time before she’s out of this fun phase!

I wrote a post a long time ago talking about the myth I thought I’d never live to see which was the terrible twos because I always had the pleasure of skipping that and enjoying the terrible threes. But, now I am getting a glimpse of the two’s with Hanna and her lack of sharing. She is a very strong personality, just like her dad and I. She knows what she wants when she wants and that makes her Hanna. She’s a force, and although I know she will grow out of that soon – I hope not completely, as it’s what makes her her and she’s pretty great!

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