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Hugs From Dad are Special, too! #NoBabyUnhugged

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Huggies Canada. I am a Huggies #NoBabyUnhugged Mom. As Always opinions are all mine.

With Father’s day coming up, it’s time we sit and appreciate dads a little more! My husband has been fabulous through all my pregnancies, and all my births. But unfortunately, he wasn’t able to attend Hanna’s birth. Having six kids, it’s hard to ask others to watch our kids while we are at the hospital for who knows how long to welcome a new little one into the world so we decided early on in my pregnancy he would stay home with the kids.

How was that going to work? How was that going to affect his one-on-one and hug time with Hanna? When would he get his turn for early snuggles and skin-to-skin time which we knew was so important? It was something I struggled with the whole pregnancy and near the end when complications arose from Gestational Diabetes and the risk of her having to come out early really made us set plans in stone. He was going to stay home with the kids until I had Hanna.

Of course, the day came where I had to be at the hospital early in the morning to start my induction as my placenta was ready to be done. My oldest went with me, and we waited for my sister in law to show up and keep us company. Eventually, Jordan had to go home as he didn’t get much sleep the night before and wasn’t feeling well, so it was my sister in law and I. Finally around 3:30pm they broke my water, and at 3:45 they checked me again, and I was 5cm. What a long wait we had ahead of us, or so we thought! At 6:00, I said I had to push. The nurse quickly checked me and grabbed the radio and called for a doctor for delivery. Hanna was right there, ready to enter the world. 6:05 pm she entered this world and my husband missed it all.

There’s something about having your husband in the delivery room. It’s comforting to know he’s by your side, and this time I didn’t have that. We called him and told him she was here. He, of course, was over the moon – but we both felt sad. So he immediately got ALL the kids ready and headed to the hospital.

They all came into my room, and I burst into tears (oh hormones!) seeing my littles I hadn’t seen all day, and just wanted to be with them. He, of course, let all the kids hold Hanna, and then it was his turn. His face just lit up! When the nurse entered the room she asked us if we wanted her to change Hanna, my husband quickly jumped up and said “No way! I’m here I’ll do it!” he tended to Hanna while I enjoyed cuddles with the other kids.

Less than 2 hours after she was born, he was able to get his first hug with Hanna in between my skin-to-skin time with her. Skin-to-skin hugs are so important, especially for medical benefits (reduces pain, promotes weight gain, regulates temperature). And we were both so glad to hear skin to skin hugs with Dad provide many of the same benefits too! Hanna had a hard time regulating her sugars after birth, and I believe that all my skin-to-skin time with her helped that tremendously. While Hanna is still very much a mommy’s girl (which I thank breastfeeding for!), she is smitten with her daddy and the skin-to-skin hugs they share at home, and he sure is smitten with her!

Even if dad cannot be there while giving birth, it’s important to remember that they can still get that important skin-to-skin hug time at home.

Hugs! Hugs are an incredible bond-making, love-feeling, parental security blankets that are critical in a newborn’s and every child’s life. I tried to have as much skin to skin hugs with my other babies as well, but working full time really limits my time – so I value each and every hug.

When our 7th babes Hanna was born, my wife and I agreed that I needed to be at home a lot more. And with her business doing as well as it is, I jumped at the chance. Needless to say, my relationship with all my kids have grown immensely since then. When Hanna was born, I was unable to attend her actual birth as I was at home with the kids, I missed the first round of hugs but quickly made it to the hospital to keep the hugs going!

Skin to skin hugs are essential and important in the first few minutes, hours, days, and months after birth. Huggies has created a Hug Plan to help you plan and be ready for those first hugs with your new little one. You can find The Huggies Hug Plan, here.

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Father’s out there making our kids lives so much richer, fuller and filled with love! We appreciate you!

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