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ImaginativeU Ready-to-Use Activity Kits for Children Review


It’s not a secret we love monthly boxes at our house! Well, when they are targeted towards kids that is even better. ImaginativeU has really something special here and I’m thrilled to be sharing with you exactly what this box is full of! Fun, Entertainment and Laughter!

Our box was called “Cool Science” and if there’s something my kids love it’s Science! I’m thrilled for this box for many reasons. As a homeschooling mom I’m always looking for fun ways to bring education, and learning together. With ImaginativeU I think I can accomplish that, just from 1 box!

ourboxOur box was full.  I mean FULL. See it all? It’s amazing. I’m actually thrilled –  There was even a little note that said “I tried to include enough for all your kiddos” and all 6 were included, that was something extremely nice and most companies don’t do that. I was touched.

What was in our Box:
Acid Or Base: Included all the items necessary to do a project to show different colors when powders and liquids are added to cabbage juice.

Absorption Experiment: Included all items necessary to help children experiment with water and different materials to determine which material is most absorbent.

GAK! aka: Flubber: Included all items to make Gak. This super fun gak brings back so many memories from childhood, SO FUN!

Swelling Beads: Included all items to watch beads GROW then shrink back down when they dry out. Very cool.

UV Beads: Included items to place beads and turn colors. UV beads turn colors in the sun, they also turn a pale color in regular light.

Fun with Daddy:
At our house we don’t do every single project in one night, we save some and do them when we have special family nights, or when I am off doing some errands Dad gets in on the fun with the kids. Tonight, He made GAK! With the kids, all 5 of the youngest had a huge blast and so did dad!




gak5Looks super fun right? Well, I’m pretty sure this is their new favorite thing to make! I am so sad I missed out on all the fun. But, we still have lots more to do. This box was completely full to the top, and has things to do I haven’t even heard of myself! Everything in the package was color coded with a sticker, and marked on our information sheets telling us which sticker goes with which activity. Super simple, even for dad!


About ImaginativeU:
Founded by a former middle and high school science who now works as a science specialist at an educational cooperative. Her hope is to have children enjoy and love these kits, and although they may not be fancy they sure are full of fun! – read more about this wonderful company, here

Recommended Ages:
4 – 10! Justin who is 17 months sat with them at the table and watched, and Jackson? Who is 3 as you can see was right up in there helping out so he was having a blast too!

Where to Buy and Price:
The official website is here to buy and Prices are: $18.42 – $22.00/mo

Our Verdict:
The kids and dad absolutely loved making Gak! together. My kids are begging to use the safety googles and dig into the rest of the box, which hopefully we will do over the weekend! I will be honest and say I never really thought of science as fun. I don’t remember much of it from when I was a kid, but getting all this stuff and checking it all out (and reading) I’m even excited to tackle the rest of the activities! This box is most definately a must see if you have children, home school or even have extended family with kids – It’s a great idea for March Break/Spring Break, Family nights or even just an afternoon activity on the weekend. I look forward to exploring the rest with the kiddos!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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