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Inappropriate Elf: A Thief In The Night….

When Jill over at Baby Rabies announced she was going to be holding her Inappropriate Elf on the shelf contest again this year I was thrilled and immediately began to think of things I could do. So, this is what I came up with. There’s a story to it, so we decided to play it all out and write it up for you all to view! ENJOY…

Elfie – A Thief In The Night…………
 T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house the family was frantic, couldn’t find their dear Elf. On dad’s way out the door to work once again, little Jordan saw Elfie and screamed, “Oh no! not again!”
Dad didn’t hear and kept on truckin’, dear little Elfie was chucklin’..
Elfie hopped off dad’s jacket and hid in a shoe, He said “haha, heehee I guess I fooled you!”
 Alas, it’s night’s end.. And nobody’s near, time to crack the code, Elfie gave a big cheer!
 Open sesame, Open sesame it’s time to get movin’, once inside this here safe Elfie’s comfortably groovin’…
 He’s in hangin’ out with some sweet smellin’ cash, Now it’s that time of night, to take all the stash. 
I wonder how much is left in the till…?
Holy cow he made it, oh what a thrill!!…….
Oh what a thug, that Elfie I say… He took Christmas money and said HAVE A NICE DAY!!
The End.