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Inexpensive Teachers Gifts!!

While sometimes the office administration can be a bit lacking, I absolutely adore 3/4 of my kids teachers. One of which I did happen to give this address to at parent/teacher interviews when discussing her class blog – but I doubt she reads! And it’s not that I don’t like the other teacher, I just don’t know that teacher very well so I can’t really say either way. I do know all my kids teachers are very good for and with my kids, and are great teachers! So we had to do something small for them for Christmas!
All that being said, I can’t afford to go crazy on Christmas gifts for teachers this year. I have 6 kids and a husband to buy for, so I did what a lot of others do and I searched Pinterest.
Pinterest has a ton of ideas, cost effective homemade ideas which I love. I find it’s more personal as apposed to a store bought box of chocolates or a gift card for Tim Hortons, which I have given in the past and learned so did a lot of other parents.
So this is what I chose to do… A mug, 2 packets of hot chocolate, a chocolate mint and a chocolate spoon!

It isn’t much. But the kids loved it, and it’s a nice little treat. The mug we didn’t buy Christmasy on purpose, we figure they can use this one all year ’round! We had to get the ECE in Jay’s class something too which I completely forgot until last night when Jay said “What about Mrs A?” ahhh, so of course she got the small gift card for Timmys. But this was just much nicer to me than a gift card for the teachers that I find are extraordinary this year (Mrs A is pretty fabulous too!). I’m really, really happy with them and I’m already planning much better gifts for the end of the school year – thanks pinterest for that too! I wrapped them up, and sent them with the kids this am.

Not too much, but not without thought either. 
The kids were thrilled to give them to their teachers so I do hope they enjoy them. Do you send gifts with your kids if you have any? I think even the smallest thing would be nice receive. Although, I’m more of a giver and get much more joy out of giving than receiving!