Infrared Family Ear Thermometer

EAR1Having a good reliable ear thermometer is a great idea. I’ve always preferred an ear thermometer with my kids because they tend to not be too scared of it when smaller, and I find they give a much more accurate reading than any other methods.

We received this Gurin Infrared Family Ear Thermometer and I was really impressed with it. A week after we got it Jackson had a really bad fever that I needed to watch very closley. Due to this kidney issues that he has, when he gets any sort of raised temperature we have to watch it in case of infection (UTI, Bladder) that could be potentially fatal to him.

About the Gurin Infrared Ear Thermometer:

  • Adult, Babies, Children, One Second reading
  • Large LCD display, Fahrenheit readings
  • Probe Cover Free, Waterproof probe design
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Power Saving-Auto Power off


Range of Measurement: 93.2′ F to 109.4′ F, Measuring Accuracy: Ear: +/- 0.4’F, Operating Environment: 60.8’F to 95’F with relative humidity upto 85% (non condensing), Display resolution: 0.1’F, Dimensons: 50mmx110mmx34mm, Weight: 3 oz, Battery: One CR-2032 (3.0 V dc) battery. Cleaning Instructions – For accurate temperature each time, Probe needs to be cleaned after each use with Alcohol moistened cotton cloth to make sure there is no residue on the probe lens. Readings in Fahrenheit.

ear2After Jackson got over his fever it of course went over to Justin. He was a little scared of this ear thermometer at first but slowly got used to it and I was able to use it on him with no issues. He’s 10 months old and we’ve never really had to use a thermometer on him so I’m glad this was the first one we had to use, as it isn’t very scary.

The instructions are super easy to follow, and the thermometer itself isn’t too big, it’s not intimidating to children, especially really young ones and it works VERY quickly. All that is needed is a quick wipe with a disinfectant wipe to clean the tip before putting the cap back on and more uses. This thermometer has a crystal clear LCD screen to make reading your temperature a snap! If you have a temperature the device will beep multiple times and also sad a sad face on the screen. If you don’t it beeps once!


ear4Ava took her temp for this pic, and she was 97.7 and got a smiley face.

It’s a great little thermometer. If you have kids I highly recommend the Gurin Infrared Thermometer. It’s a really great little device that can be taken with you in your bag, or kept in the cupboard at home!

Purchase this thermometer right here, on amazon.

 Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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