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11 Items You Don’t Need For New Baby Right Away


New babies are exciting and a life changing event! Sometimes when we get excited, and anxious about things like a new baby we tend to go over board when it comes to baby items. I know in the past I have a few times. (babies 1-3!) but I’ve learned my lesson and sadly, it took 3 babies to figure it out but now I feel like I got it down!

Although I’m no expert, this is the list I’ve come up with over the years to avoid when a new baby comes into our family! You don’t NEED any of these items but if you want them buy them! Just keep in mind you may not use them as much as you think you may!

11 Items You Don’t Need For New Baby

(at least not right away!)


Books: Don’t waste your money on the books. I did for babies 1 and 2 and let me tell you – they tell you nothing of importance. Honestly! Go to a parenting class, find an online support group, read blogs, ask questions. If you want real answers from parents who have been there and done that – you want to hear it from real people.

Playmats: Babies don’t need playmats for a few months. One of my biggest pet peeves are when people want their babies to grow up too quickly, or try to get them to do things before they are ready. Sure, your baby can lay down on a playmat but a soft blanket is just as good and a lot cheaper!

Soothers: Wait until baby is born, and if you decide to go the soother route – wait. You’ll want to try a few different types to see what kind baby actually enjoys and will take. You’d be surprised at how picky some little ones can be when it comes to their soothers!

Wipes Warmer: What the heck are these things? I’ve never used one of these and I don’t plan to. My baby wipes are always room temperature so I’m not too sure why I’d want to warm them anymore, but this seems like a super pointless one to me.

Baby Bath Tubs: We used these for babies 1-3 but after that didn’t bother. You put a little water in the tub, sit baby in the tub holding their head and give them a nice wash. They don’t need to be in there forever because how dirty can a baby really get? So make it a quick sweet wash and be done!

Breast Pumps: Although these are REALLY wonderful to have a few weeks AFTER baby and you have established a nursing schedule, and your milk has had time to come in – pumping too early can cause many, many issues. I like to wait a few weeks (3+ or so) before I even go grab a pump. I only ever used one with baby #5 and didn’t bother with #6…. probably won’t with baby girl coming either. It’s so much easier to just nurse, but I know not everyone can 24/7 so if you need a breast pump at least wait a little bit before going out and getting one as you don’t want to mess with your supply!

Bottles: If you plan to strictly breastfeed avoid buying any type of bottle from the start. Wait a few weeks, establish your supply and nursing relationship then go out and grab one or two if desired. When baby #5 was born we had to do this right away due to multiple hospital appointments and visits from his kidney issues and it majorly messed with my supply. Back then I still wasn’t comfortable nursing in public so mostly that was my fault, but if you are passionate about a strict breastfeeding relationship hold off on the bottles for a few weeks!

Bottles/Nipples: If you plan to formula feed, or strictly bottle feed breastmilk it’s wise not to spend so much money on a ton of bottles or nipples right away. A couple different ones to test out is wise – as many babies are partial to a specific nipple, and you just never know!

Baby Toys: Newborns don’t need toys. Not for the bath, not for their crib, not for the stroller, nothing! At least for a few months avoid buying toys. If you get them as a gift put them up and away until baby is ready to play!

Changing Table: I often see these in nurseries and wonder why? Do you run to your nursery every time baby needs a change? That can get very annoying, very quickly. I’ve never in my life used a changing table – so if you don’t think you’ll spend your life in babies room, I’d hold off on the changing table (also, they are pricey!)

Bumbo Chair: We’ve all seen them, we’ve all heard about them and hey, even I’ve used them in the past… Please don’t buy them and put your baby in it before they are ready. 6+ months is when babies are ready to sit up in a bumbo (on the floor with supervision!) if baby can’t sit up or hold their head up it’s not a good idea to sit them in one. Wait until the recommended again and I promise they’ll love it!

Obviously, this list is a lot smaller than the list of things you DO need right away, but it will still save you some money. For those baby products that are a must-have from the start, make sure you read reviews to ensure you don’t waste money getting products that aren’t worth it. I know there are tons more, but for now this is my list. Did you notice any that you had but didn’t use much?

What could you add to this list?