It’s a…….

ItsagirlblogtitleOn March 1st I had my monthly OB appointment. Everything is going just wonderfully with my pregnancy and I was able to stop at the ultrasound place on the 1st floor of my OB’s building and set up my 19/20 week fully anatomy scan for March 28th!

I was really excited but I had promised a couple of my kiddos I would schedule a 3D/4D ultrasound before that date so we could hopefully go learn the gender together. So, Tuesday I had pushed it off long enough the only time I have before the 28th would be next week on the days my husband is off the 14th or 15th . So to my surprise when my husband called they had an opening that evening and they start gender ultrasounds at 16 weeks! I went in at 6pm.

I began getting emotional and thinking about my first pregnancy scan where we found out that the baby was there and growing healthily already. Going to a private gp birmingham or whatever region you are in, helps to ensure that you and the baby are receiving the proper care that is needed at this time, and I know it made me feel 1000x more relaxed than I would have been if it was a rushed process.

I was nervous. The day I went in I was only 16w,3d so I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. But I was excited and couldn’t wait to see our little wee one. I had never really had a 3D/4D ultrasound before so it was pretty amazing to see on their huge screen.

I laid down, she put the gel on and started moving the wand. I watched as she went to the crotch and within seconds she moved it away and asked if we were all ready. Sure enough we were.

She put the wand back, and hovered over the spot and said without any hesitation..

You are having a…..


Baby Girl!!!!

I cried, and cried and cried. Ava cheered while Jayden said, “ugh I hate girls!” Lol. By the time we left he was thrilled.

I had convinced myself it would be another boy. After 3 boys in a row, how on earth could it possibly be a little girl? Well, it is! And I am thrilled.

She showed me quite a few times the area, the 3 little marks that show female where her vagina is – she told me there was NO question and finally she printed us two photos and off we went. I got outside called my husband, called Jordan and cried telling both of them. It’s just really a magical thing to find out – especially when you have 4 boys and 2 girls already, there were so many guesses as to what it would be it was really fun sharing our news!

babygirlblog2We cannot wait to welcome our 3rd Princess in August!

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