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It’s almost that time again…

In a few short weeks it will be Christmas. Last year we started the tradition of Elf On The Shelf like a lot of other families all over the world. We didn’t agree to use Elfie to scare our kids. We simply use Elfie as another way to bring Christmas joy into our home and created our own fun with him. Sure, Elfie came from the North Pole and does go every single night back to the North Pole to let Santa know what our family has done during the day BUT — My kid’s aren’t terrified or scared of what might happen if they misbehave and Elfie goes back to visit Santa at night. Instead, Elfie is here so my kids can SHOW ELFIE how to be a good Elf and teach him things he doesn’t know. My kids are his teachers basically.
We turned it around and instead of using it as a scare tactic, we use it as a tool to have them show what they know. My kids aren’t awful during the year anyways, sure they have their moments and I can get really frustrated with how my girls behave at times but they are really great kids. They don’t need to be scared into behaving. I don’t believe that is what these Elves are for anyways.  
Have you ever seen the movie?
We watched the movie last year and my kids loved it. My kids love waking up every single day to see where Elfie landed after his long trip back to the North Pole. They love knowing anything they’ve taught Elfie that day will be reported back to Santa and maybe some other elves can learn too. It’s fun for them.
Last year Jayden would color while Elfie hung on the picture behind the table – I’d catch him showing Elfie and saying “You have to stay in the lines”  he really enjoyed it, and he was only 3. 
We didn’t say Elfie was a bad elf, or needed to be taught how to behave. I just told them he was here to learn and tell Santa what he learns! It’s fun, a happy experience and they really enjoy it. I think if we used it as a scare tactic they would laugh and not take it seriously, at all.
My oldest who is 10 doesn’t believe in Santa and hasn’t for a few years – thanks to other kids ruining it for him a few years back, and us not able to save that for him. But he still plays along and it’s even fun for him. And no, he’s not mad at us or damaged for him believing for 7 years there was a Santa. I’m not either and I thought there was a Santa until I was 9 or 10.
Are we lying to them? I guess so, but I don’t think it will damage them. It’s no more of a lie than them thinking Santa is real. This is something fun and gives us something to do during the holiday’s that is different than we’re used to! I know people have an issue with these elves, and sometimes I’ve even heard people bashing those who let their kids believe in Santa. We all do what we do with our families, this is just something we do with ours to enjoy the holiday and I really think my kids learn a lot from teaching, even if it is a stuffed elf. It’s fun for kids… let kids be kids for a little bit, they only get to be this age once!