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Our Routines Just Wouldn’t be The Same Without JOHNSON’S® BABY

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JOHNSON’S® Baby Canada and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.

 Over the years, our routines and schedules have changed dramatically. Adding new members to our family, moving and having kids start school, homeschool and everything else that has changed over the years has been stressful, eventful and crazy to say the least.

One thing is for sure though, we have always cherished JOHNSON’S® in our house, especially for our bedtime routines. Bedtime can be stressful for so many reasons, but for my kids it’s usually because of their different bedtimes. Some kids don’t like going to bed at the same time as younger kids, while others have to stay up half an hour past the other because they just can’t get along long enough to fall asleep at bedtime. I don’t kid when I say things get crazy.

One thing I’ve always had on hand since Jordan was a baby, who by the way turned 14 years old this September— is JOHNSON’S® products. Through many years of raising children, it has always been part of our bedtime routine.

After school routines always remain the same. Snack, Homework, Dinner, Limited Screen Time, Bath, Snack, Story and Bed. The bath time routine is crucial to having our family run smoothly at night, especially when most nights my husband is working, so I’m home with the gang, all 7 kiddos by myself. It can be a lot at times, but I can always count on my routines to get me (and them) through.

Having a baby in the house again means I get to enjoy these nightly routines longer, and get to enjoy that delicious baby scent that only JOHNSON’S® products help provide all that much longer too! I sometimes try to use the JOHNSON’S® baby Bedtime® bath in my bubble baths at the end of a long night too. Don’t judge! But it really does help soothe, and get baby to sleep better at night. My happy little Hanna Banana, who has been sleeping through the night (with only 1 wake up around 4/5a to nurse as we both sleep!) since she was 1 month old can tell you. She loves her bath time, and although we don’t bathe our babies every single night as babies’ skin loses moisture faster than adult skin, when we do, we use JOHNSON’S® for our bath routine with Hanna and she looks forward to it every time!

JOHNSON’S® has helped pioneer baby science and set global standards in baby skincare for more than 100 years.  It’s a family favourite not only because it’s a name brand we trust, but one we actually use and have used for over thirteen years in our household. I remember living with my other parts of my family after my mom passed away, and even they used JOHNSON’S® for their nighttime routines too.

JOHNSON’S® products are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.  They understand the unique nature of baby’s skin and formulate all of their products to respect these differences. Something as a mother, that is most important to me. Every time JOHNSON’S® changes a formulation it goes through their five-level safety assurance process to ensure that it meets or exceeds government standards and the high standards we expect of ourselves. For more information on ingredients, see here: CLICK.

Did you know that babies’ eyes continue to mature over the first year of life? Our favourite JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® products are formulated with NO MORE TEARS® to ensure gentleness for baby’s delicate eyes.  Studies show baby cried nearly 25% less before sleep when bathed with a fragranced product, than those who were not. ALL BEDTIME® products contain NATURALCALM®, an exclusive aroma with essences of Jasmine Blossoms designed to calm baby for sleep/essences—a special blend of gentle and calming aromas. They are also dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. We’ve listed some of our other favourites below!

HEAD-TO- TOE™ baby wash

  • Did you know? Baby’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than adults.
  • JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO- TOE™ baby wash is an ultra-mild cleanser for your baby’s delicate skin and sensitive eyes.
  • For more information: Click here

baby lotion

  • Did you know? Baby’s delicate skin loses moisture nearly two times as fast as adults.
  • JOHNSON’S® baby lotion softens and nourishes your baby’s skin, and is gentle enough to use morning and night.
  • With a classic JOHNSON’S® fresh scent, this hypoallergenic lotion soothes and softens while moisturizing your baby’s skin.
  • For more information: Click here

One thing people ask me when they see I have 7 kids is, “how do you do it?” and beyond telling them it’s normal to me and it’s all I know I always tell them: Routine. If you don’t stick to a routine even with 1 kid I find things can get too much for them, so of course with 7 we are all about routines and staying consistent. That includes the products we use, the things we do at bedtime, and the end result: Happy, Healthy kiddos.

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