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Make Bedtime Easy With JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Johnson’s Baby. As always, opinions are all mine.

Every baby’s skin is different. All of mine have had to use different products from time to time but the one brand of products we’ve always been able to count on has been JOHNSON’S®. Bath time is a special time – time to connect with baby while soothing and getting ready for bed. A good bedtime routine is a must for all kids, but especially for babies.

JOHNSON’S® creates different products to meet different needs. JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing line is good for babies with newborn skin, while the HEAD-TO-TOEBaby Lotion nourishes and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin from day one. And, when a traditional bath isn’t an option, the new washcloths help parents give baby an overall bath from top to bottom—no tub or water required.

Today’s families are constantly evolving, just like our understanding of what’s best for baby. That’s why JOHNSON’S® is always challenging themselves to create new products that not only meet baby’s needs, but also are gentle, safe and enhance your time with baby, and more importantly, that you can trust.

Hanna has always cried during bath time. She just never really liked it very much. Until recently that is. Not only did she just turn one, but she also became a huge water baby! When you get her in the tub, you can’t get her out! She loves it. We try to make bath time as easy and comfortable for her as possible, but she seems at ease when we put her in the tub with JOHNSON’S®.

With Hanna, we’ve had to be more careful with products we use on her skin. It hasn’t always been like that, but it seems like the older she gets, the more we must be careful with what we use because her skin can be quite sensitive.

In our house, we have a simple, yet effective routine for Hanna to help her have an easy bath time, and easy bedtime.

  1. Snack
  2. Bath
  3. Massage
  4. Story
  5. Bed

With JOHNSON’S®, bath time is more than just an opportunity to get clean; a routine that includes massage has been shown to keep baby’s skin looking healthy and to help improve overall development. I have used many JOHNSON’S® products for many years, since Jordan was a baby, and next month he turns 14. After baths with Hanna, we use JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream or JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE Baby Lotion to hydrate her skin and have her skin looking and feeling healthy and soft.

Want to try the new JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ bath time washes, creams, and washcloths? Visit your nearest Walmart or – save with great rollbacks on the products!

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