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Jolly Awesome Pet Tags Review

jollyawesome1In the summer of 2012 we were heading on a family vacation and left Chase at home with one of my husbands friends and Chanel went to his brothers house. Well, that night I got a text and I was asked if Chanel likes to hide. She doesn’t,  but we figured she was hiding at his place because she was scared and at a new place.

The next day I was informed she still was in hiding. They couldn’t find where either. I began to panic and was ready to head home. My brother in law had called shelters and gave her description in case she did happen to get out. As I was getting ready to pack my bags and head home to go either get her out of hiding or walk the city to find her we got a call from my brother in law that a dog fitting Chanel’s description had been brought to the shelter the night before. They saw his report of her missing and called him. We had to find a photo, email it to them and they could verify. They also sent us a link to a photo of her in the shelter.

It was Chanel. I lost my mind, cried and cried. I couldn’t believe not only did she really get out but she was Found!! She was found probably trying to find her way home and taken to the shelter.

Of course the tags she did have on her collar from her vets were metal and completely worn out. You couldn’t read the tags but we could clearly see her pink collar with the bell in the photo, she was cold and soaking wet from the rain the night before but it was her!

From that moment on we kept trying different tags. All metal and they would either fall off or wear so badly you couldn’t see what they said!

Jolly Awesome Pet Tags takes care of that!

They are plastic, have a photo of your pet and on the back you can add what you choose. I got one for each of our dogs. They all have their photos on the front,  name on the back with our address and contact number.

Ordering off the website was a bit of a hassle BUT that was due to my own computer, no fault of Jolly Awesome Pet Tags. Once my computer calmed down and I was able to upload photos and create the tags the process was smooth and the delivery was quick.

I didn’t have many photos to choose from on the computer I was on, so I worked with what I had.


Although I think the quality of the tags are wonderful, and they will last longer than the metal ones we’ve had I find them very big. My dogs are all small, and have small collars. Chanel is not even 10lbs so hers is quite large on her. Chase seems OK, and Ace although I would prefer a little smaller it’s not too bad.


How it works:
You pick the product you want to customize, open it in the design tool, upload a photo, add text, add the product to your cart and off you go!

jollyawesome2Very easy and the shipping is super quick! I was amazed when my tags showed up!

I now have zero worries if any of our Fur Babies happen to get out I know at least if they are found they will have the tags and whoever finds them can contact us. Just because we got SO lucky with Chanel back in 2012 doesn’t mean that will always happen. Now I don’t have to fear. Not only are the tags simple and easy to read they are very clear to see and I now have comfort in knowing they have them on. It will take time for me to be able to make sure they don’t fade or rub off like the boring old aluminum tags, but I have a feeling I will be quite happy with these tags for years to come.

If you would like to take a look for yourself and see if you’d like to order some Jolly Awesome Pet Tags for your Beloved Fur Baby, there is a sale right now that you don’t want to miss!


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