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Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Hot weather wreaks havoc on most breeds of dogs. Getting over-heated has the potential to cause serious health issues for these beloved (four-leg) family members. Following these tips will help to ensure that they stay cool when Mother Nature turns up the heat.

Carry Water At All Times
Very much like humans, dogs have different reactions and needs in hot weather. Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors. So, if your dog has a darker coat it’s likely that he or she requires extra attention to ensure they stay well hydrated.

Always carry water with you, wherever you go with your dog. Depending on your dog’s weight and size and the length of your trip, you need to pack water accordingly. Bringing along a portable water dish is also highly recommended.

Plan Your Dog’s Exercise Time
Schedule exercise time with your dog in the early morning or when the sun is setting. It’s during these hours the temperature is much cooler because the sun isn’t at its peak. This way, your dog gets the proper amount of exercise with a limited risk of dehydration, heat stroke or scorched paws.

Provide Adequate Shade
If your dog spends most of the day outside, make sure there’s a shaded area for him to rest in when he feels the need to do so. Whether it’s an awning, beach umbrella or even a large tree, an outdoor shelter for your dog is vital in the summertime. Situate a water bowl somewhere in the shade, within easy reach. As mentioned above, plenty of fresh water also helps your pup stay cool. It’s also important to make sure the environment inside your home is comfortable for them too, by installing air-con from somewhere like Often, air con makes it much cooler inside than it is outside, which can be a real lifesaver for pets. In the unfortunate event that you find your air conditioning breaks down, you’ll probably want to contact a company that can fix your air conditioning sooner rather than later. The last thing you’ll want is your pet getting too warm. Lake Country Repair Whitefish Bay HVAC contractors provide quick furnace or air conditioning repair, so you could consider contacting a business like that to help you out through those hot summer months!

Invest In a Kiddie Pool
Dogs release heat by panting as well as through sweat glands located on their paws. But, in comparison to humans, they have limited biological outlets for releasing heat.

One of the best things you can do for your dog in the summer is to plop down an inexpensive kiddie pool (somewhere in the shade), fill it up with water and let the puppy splashing begin! As well as this, the use of lavender could also be beneficial, as this is said to help relieve itchy/inflamed skin which the heat can cause to some pets. Doing a quick google search into something like lavender oil and dogs could also be important, just to find out more information before using it.

These are just a few things you can do to keep your dog cool in hot weather. As you can see, they’re all easy to implement and won’t break the bank. What could be better than that?