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5 Tips to Keep Kids Motivated on Weekends

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with AfterShokz. As always, opinions are all my own.

After a busy week at school it seems my kids, like most, like to recompress on weekends, sounds about right, right? Well, yes but at the same time weekends aren’t for shutting down completely. Weekends are for family time, catching up on chores, finishing homework and preparing for the week ahead. Lately, a couple of my kids have been trying to avoid everything I just listed and keep weekends for binge watching Netflix, napping or chatting with their friends on their devices. All of which I’ve decided need to be limited on the weekends which is why I’m bringing you 5 Tips to Keep Kids Motivated on Weekends.

The real issues I’m facing are coming from the three oldest. Mostly, my girls. I’ve been trying to get them to understand why family time, catching up on chores, finishing school work or even getting ahead on some assignments can be beneficial. I’ll be honest though, it often falls on deaf ears. Preteen girls want what they want and it’s hard to convince them otherwise. At least it was until I introduced them to my AfterShokz Trekz Air Wireless Headphones.

All of a sudden homework is getting done, chores are finished before they need to be asked, and although family time is always a treasure they are more excited to be involved, because they look forward to their quiet time with AfterShokz. I’ve made them a deal. They can borrow my headphones to drown out noise, and get their work and chores done but if they start to fall behind they go away. Every time I’ve bought them headphones in the past they break. Extremely flimsy and quick to break headphones seem to be something we just cant stay away from so when they saw my AfterShokz Trekz Air, they had wanted to use them but I told them they’d have to be earned, so I figured why not let them now and give them an incentive to get things done.

My 5 ways to keep kids motivated on the weekends seem to be working. Ready to check out the list?

5 Tips to Keep Kids Motivated on Weekends

  • Give them something to look forward to: I’ve introduced my girls to the world of Podcasts. At the end of the weekend, they can take my AfterShokz and sit down for 30-60 minutes and listen to one of the approved Podcasts we’ve found for them. They’ve been finding real benefit in these podcasts, and answers to some teenage life questions they’ve wanted to know but may not have been ready to ask about, and have gained a newfound outlook on why being a responsible pre-teen, and teenager is important. Sometimes it takes more than mom and dads word for it to really sink in.
  • Music during homework: Being able to listen to music while doing homework and not disrupting and bothering the rest of the family has been something we’ve struggled with. With headphones that break easily, and get lost it’s been an issue. They’ve had to listen to music on their phones without headphones, or on their computers/echos and it’s disruptive. AfterShokz doesn’t go directly in the ear (find out more here) so I don’t have to worry about them hurting their ears, while they can get work done and still hear me if need be. I highly recommend buying a pair of headphones for the household or for your kids.
  • Give them more responsibility: Kids want your trust. They want to do right by you and want you to be proud of them. Giving them a little bit more responsibility on the weekends, such as giving them a set timeframe that they can decide (ex: You can hang out with friends for a few hours but you need to get your homework done, and chores done so please figure out a schedule before you go anywhere) has helped. It’s helped my girls plan, stay accountable and responsible for their own actions.
  • Give them a little more freedom: As they get a bit older things need to be adjusted accordingly. Allowing them to do more things with friends on the weekends means making sure they follow through with everything they need to have done during the week. With high school approaching quickly, staying on top of homework, chores and family obligations is important and by allowing more freedoms after these things are all done means they’ll be more apt to keep on top of them.
  • Discuss and Plan ahead: Before the weekend approaches discussing and planning whats expected of them is key before they into the lazy headspace. Let them know whats expected of them before the weekend, so they can be sure to wake up Saturday ready to get it all done.

If you are like me and need to be more on top of this than ever before, now is the time to do it. Both my girls are heading into 7th and 8th grade come September which means high school is around the corner. I’m trying to set them up for success before we get there, and by helping motivate them on the weekends and keep the lazy headspace away – we are hoping to set them up for all the successes they need in the years to come.

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