Keeping Baby Cool in The Summer


Baby needs extra care during hot weather, as she is unable to regulate her own body temperature. It is important that baby is kept cool during summer to avoid overheating. Baby may become cranky and restless, or look clammy and flushed if feeling overly hot. It is vital to keep baby cool for her safety and well-being. Read on to see how you can work at Keeping Baby Cool in The Summer.

Tips on how to keep baby cool during summer:

How to dress baby during summer
One way to keep baby cool and comfortable is to dress her appropriately. Select light colored clothing to reflect the sun’s rays, and choose loose fitting, lightweight garments to allow the air to circulate to keep her cool. It is essential to ensure baby is covered up when outdoors to protect her precious skin. Indoors she can be stripped down to her diaper to stay cool, or she can wear the minimal amount of clothing.

Keep baby cool indoors
Keep the home cool by keeping the drapes closed during peak hours to stop the sun entering the home, and open the windows during cooler times to allow air to circulate. Air conditioning units are ideal for keeping the home cool during summer. You can use these Air Conditioning Services in Ormond Beach, FL, or wherever is local to you, to help keep your home cool. Otherwise, portable fans are useful to provide a gentle breeze. In addition, reduce the amount of heat that is produced in the home by keeping electrical appliance usage to a minimal, as they all produce heat when in use.

Keep baby covered in light clothing. When outdoors ensure baby has a wide brimmed sun hat to protect her against the sun. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and seek shaded areas to be able to enjoy time outdoors with baby. Sun parasols can be fitted to strollers to provide shade and offer protection against the sun’s rays to keep baby cool. Avoid staying outdoors for long periods of time during peak hours.

Keeping baby cool
On particularly hot days a bath can help baby to cool down and feel comfortable. Ensure that the water is at the correct temperature and not cooler. It isn’t necessary to add soap to the water if baby is just having a splash about to cool down. Alternatively, use a soft wash cloth to sponge baby down with tepid water to cool down. Allow her to have diaper free time, as a heavy diaper can only make her warmer. In addition, keep her skin free from products other than sunscreen to help prevent heat rash.

Keep baby hydrated
Babies under 6 months of age should exclusively be fed milk. Feeds may be increased, and less milk may be taken at each feed. Baby will guide the way and will take as much milk as required at each feeding. However, if concerned, consult a health professional for advice. Babies over 6 months of age can have cool boiled water added to their diet. Offer water in between feeds to keep baby hydrated. It may take her a little while for her to get used to water, however, persevere to allow her to get used to the taste.

It is imperative to keep baby cool and comfortable during summer to ensure that she stays safe and healthy. Ensure baby stays cool and hydrated, and be extra attentive to her needs. Baby needs extra care during summer to stay at a safe temperature.

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