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Keeping Your Kids Healthy Throughout the School Year


During the school year, it can be tough to keep an eye on what your kids are eating, how much physical activity they are getting and what kinds of germs they are being exposed to. The school year is just such a busy time which makes it difficult to keep an eye on all these things, especially if you have a busy schedule too, but it doesn’t have to be hard keeping your kids healthy throughout the school year. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier on you and ensure you that your kids are staying as healthy as can be.

Healthy Eating
Not only is this just all-around good for their health but it is good for keeping you and your kid’s immune system(s) boosted, dwindling down the chances of anyone getting the cold or even worse the flu. It isn’t tough to do either just find foods that boost the immune system like spinach, apples, and broccoli to name a few and there are plenty of others out there. Make sure you and your kids eat at least one of these foods once or twice a day, whether you incorporate them into meals or just use them as healthy snacks for your kids. Don’t just limit to these certain healthy snacks/foods either as long as it is natural it is good. No more chips or junk food for snacks, your child may dislike this at first if they are used to those things but they will get used to the healthy alternatives and after a while, they will be begging for them.

Clean Hands
Make sure your kids are equipped with Hand Sanitizer in their backpacks so if they come into contact with another kid or friend who is sick at school they can quickly eliminate the germs they have been exposed to. Also, it is good to teach them to wash their hands before they eat anything, especially if they have been playing with toys or outside. Teaching them these things will slowly make it a habit so after a while you will no longer have to tell them to do it, they just will. Some schools and businesses have started installing Sani Stations in various locations to help protect children, parents, and employees against the spread of certain bugs.

Getting Outside
Yes during the school year they have P.E. and recess but it is good to keep your kids as active as possible and fresh air is also good for them. So designate a time maybe every day that after they are done with homework you can walk to the park or just go for a walk, whatever it is, just get them outside and moving. Maybe if you have a dog you can all take the dog on a walk and your kids can play fetch. Keeping them active is also great for tiring them out so come bedtime they are nice and sleepy and will surely get a good night’s rest which is great for their health.

Mental Health
Not a lot of people stop to think about this but school can cause a lot of stress on kids making them develop anxiety and depression. Take a few moments each day and talk to your kids about how their day ways, keep a close eye to their facial expressions, posture, etc. Because parents know best and you will be able to tell if something is bothering them. If it is homework that is stressing them out, talk about it and help them, ensure them you understand. If it is a bully then make sure the problem is addressed and taken care of. Sometimes, a build up of scenarios can lead to some very dangerous mental illnesses, like anorexia nervosa. It might be worth your while to read Caitlyn’s story on Monte Nido, either as a sufferer of anorexia nervosa or as a concerned parent to spot the symptoms.

Keeping your kids healthy throughout the school year doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t require too much work, most parents assume it is difficult just because they have a lot on their hands, but if you just take the time it is actually very easy. So this school year make sure your kids are as healthy as can be by using some of these tips and tricks.

How do you keep your kids healthy throughout the school year?

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