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How Kids Benefit from Chores


It is interesting to see the switch from kids always doing chores to current date families admittedly having actual daily chores for their kids. It seems with the ever growing demands of common core education and other requirements set forth for the younger generation, chores have been placed on the back burner within many households.

Many kids and parents alike have started to see this push for more academic demands that they feel having their kids complete chores on top of those demands is simply too much. That’s where you have started to see these stressed out parents, because no longer are families implementing the team family mentality that we all work together to clean the household. While many families still enforce chores, we hope that this article about how kids benefit from chores will help push more families to get back on the bandwagon of having kid do chores.

How Kids Benefit from Chores


Kids who have had to do basic chores as a toddler to more extensive chores as a teenager are more apt to have a better grasp on time management skills. While parents may cringe at adding one more thing to do to their kid’s plates, it’s counterproductive to think that way. Kids learn through life how to manage time more efficiently when they not only have the academic demands but household chores to complete on a daily basis as well.

When kids have daily chores to complete they are allotted this additional area of feeling self-pride. Think about when the kids fail a test or don’t do as well at school as they had hoped, if they don’t have chores at home to complete to earn back that self-accomplished feeling then you may actually be setting them up to think they are failures. Kids need to have multiple avenues to feel self-confident and nothing boosts the self-confidence like completing a household chore accurately and on time.

Having your kids do chores allows them to build character, through household chores your kids will learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. Let’s face it, not all kids can wash the laundry as good as the next kid and one kid probably mows the lawn better than the other. Having your kids take turns completing chores allows them to build on weaknesses and work to go beyond the strengths they naturally have. In fact there was one time where the washing machine had broken and although I contacted a repair service like Choice Appliance Co ( very quickly we still had to hand wash our clothes for that day because we needed them for the next morning! Although it was a big inconvenience, it meant that I could teach my kids how to hand wash clothes, which is important if they ever end up in a situation like this when they are older. Therefore, we treated this disaster as a learning opportunity.

When you have a household run where kids are expected to do chores it sets the tone for their future in adulthood. Every parent can agree that they don’t want their kid to be a lazy adult, well having chores in place from a young age is just one small step towards ensuring your kid never becomes that lazy adult. Kids who complete chores tend to be more responsible and have a higher self-esteem because they are given responsibilities to meet and when one meets that demand they feel extremely confident that they accomplished it.

Did you have to do chores as a kid/teen?

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