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Kids Online Safety - sixtimemommy.comConcerned about your child’s online safety? Teach them the YAPPY Rule – Like it or not, our children are spending more and more time online these days, so it might be a good idea to go over some Web Safety Advice with them. Even schools are getting in on the digital movement and allowing kids to study, test, and even do homework online. I know that my friend has had to look for some better broadband deals to find faster broadband for a cheap price in order for her internet to deal with all of her kids being online. They are always on it whether it’s for school or for fun. Though schools do have added safeguards in place, kids also are tapping into the online world from home are often subject to many dicey situations.

Cyber Safety has become a hot topic for parents worldwide and if the concern of virtual safety is on your mind, here are a few tips and tactics to add to your parenting arsenal of tools:

Ground Rules:

Every home should take the time to create a list of ground rules when it comes to home computer use. These rules and guidelines can include things like where the computer is located (in a central part of the house in full view of parents), how long they can be online daily, and what sites are off-limits. Post these rules in a prominent place in the house and revisit them on occasion to make sure everyone is still on the same page.


Sharing Information Online?

Teach them to be YAPPY The unsettling truth is that, the person on the other side of your child’s computer monitor. When it comes to sharing personal details online, encourage your kids to follow the YAPPY Rule on what to NOT share with others.

  • Y – your name
  • A – address
  • P – password
  • P – phone numbers
  • Y – your plans

Educate on Cyberbullying:

With advances in technology come advances in the way kids can pick on each other. It used to be that bullying was relegated to the schoolyard, but today kids can use the internet and cell phones to bully each other in a way that has been termed cyberbullying. This new type of bullying can be just as harmful as traditional bullying and even have criminal ramifications.

Talk to your kids about what cyberbullying is and what they should do if it happens to them. Discourage your child from responding to cyberbullying and make sure you save all the messages and pictures that were used to bully your child. You should also try to identify the person or people who are doing the bullying, and if the bullying breaks the law you can have authorities trace it for you.

Online safety is so important. I’m so very strict when it comes to allowing my kids online, but as they get older – it’s going to be hard to control once they are at school, at friends, and have phones. Teaching them early is a great way to help them make better choices in the future.

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