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Kids Summer Safety Tips

The kids have been home for 5 months straight now and I’m sure we’re all going crazy. I know, I could use a good break right about now, but it isn’t an option for most of us so we just truck along. I for one know some days are better than others and know where my limits are and what they are. But, kids? Not so much. So while one of my kids may be having an amazing day, two others may not be and that can create issues. Today, I’m sharing Kids Summer Safety Tips.

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The number one thing I’ve learned being a mom for almost seventeen years now is that the saying “kids will be kids” truly never made sense until, well, I had kids. Kids do the stupidest things. Yes, a little harsh because kids are just learning and are becoming the little humans they are but honestly, they can do the stupidest things.

For example, a few weeks ago two of my kids thought it was a good idea to just go nuts on the trampoline which made the screws in the safety net come crashing down. Stupid? Extremely, Unsafe? Very. Kids are children and although we try to teach them to the best of our ability sometimes they need to do things, just once to learn. Ever since that day? They’ve been more careful with the trampoline and realize now if you break it – it’s gone. Gone are the days I replace everything they break. Did you break it? Too bad. Once it’s broken or gone, I’m not replacing. It’s a valuable lesson kids need to be taught and in my own opinion, the earlier the better.

I’ve been teaching them to value their toys, and the things around our house as much as possible. Sometimes, the boys get so silly they forget and little reminders are ok. But, when it comes to safety I won’t sit down. I am at the front, and usually, the loudest when it comes to the safety of my children. Here are 4 great tips for summer safety and some great product recommendations that I find are amazing for each.

Kids Summer Safety Tips

  • Playing outside? Always use bug spray. I can’t stress this enough. Usually, it wouldn’t be a concern to me but a couple of my kids react to bug bites. Let’s nip that in the bud quickly, and always require sunscreen and bug spray when playing outside. This bug spray works amazingly and even helps after. We’ve been using Watkins Great Outdoors Insect Repellant spray and it is fantastic. It repels mosquitoes for 2 hours. Also repels black flies, biting midges, deer flies, stable flies, ticks, and chiggers. If they’re playing in the garden, it might be a good idea to buy some Fly Screen Doors Melbourne to prevent the flies from getting into your home. It’s a disaster waiting to happen so make sure the bugs stay outside!
  • Watch those heads! Yes, I am being serious. During the summer we often think there is NO way our kids can catch lice. WRONG. Hanging out with friends, going in uber’s, or even simply being near someone you can catch lice. Shield – will help with that. Specially formulated for kids’ hair. Gentle enough for daily use, with light detanglers to aid combing. Leaves a natural, fresh fragrance.
  • Cuts and Scrapes! Bound to happen over the summer months. I know as a mom of 8, this is something we deal with often especially when outdoors. Bactine First Aid Pump Spray is a staple in our home this summer and will be coming along in our first aid kit as we head camping in a few weeks. Bactine Spray relieves the pain and itch of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns on contact while it helps prevent skin infection by effectively killing germs. Plus, unlike hydrogen peroxide, it does not sting.
  • Bumps and Bruises! Did I mention kids are clumsy? They are and although we always do what we can to make sure they are protected and minimize the bumps and bruises it happens. Kids are kids, they are rough, they play hard and they just go! We have on hand Hyland’s 4 Kids Bumps & Bruises. These tablets relieve pain, swelling, bruising, and soreness. For Children ages 2-12 Years.
  • Water! It may sound like an obvious one but ensuring that your kids are drinking water is vital so that they do not get heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses from playing out in the sun or walking around. Also, if you have an ice maker make sure that this is definitely working by getting any repairs done by places like, straight at the beginning of summer so that you are providing your kids with healthy, cold beverages, which will help them to keep having fun and playing in the summer sun!
  • Camping holidays Many families LOVE to go on camping holidays in the summer, whether that be caravanning, glamping or going all out in a tent. You’d think caravanning would be a safe option, it’s essentially a home away from home, right? But when my friend went caravanning in his camper last year with his two little ones, he didn’t realize their heads were at the perfect height to be hit by a kitchen drawer as it slid out of its cabinet when they parked on a slight hill. EEK! Easily missed but safety proofing your campervan is a must before you set off on your staycation. Luckily my friend has fixed the issue with Trailer Parts Direct Locking Drawer Slides, locking the drawers in place. No more bumped heads!

There you have it. We often don’t think about these ways to keep kids safe during the summer. We always keep our eyes on them, and make sure they follow our rules and are acting according but when they are playing? having fun and just being kids – we don’t think of these other little ways they can get hurt, and now we’ve got you covered!

All products mentioned above are available at a store near you! For more safety tips check out this post — Child Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know.

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