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DIY Mini Kids Travel Kit

Car trips or bus rides make for a long and boring time for a toddler or preschooler. It also makes those a little older very cranky! Recently, I decided to make a Mini Kids Travel Entertainment Kit that’s both easy and cheap to make!

We don’t have a car and neither my husband nor myself drive. We had the luxury of living in Toronto for the 7 years before moving to a smaller city summer of 2017 so we didn’t need to drive. With buses and subways at our doorstep, there was no need.

Now, in Barrie, we are in the middle of nowhere. The buses here take anywhere from 45-60 minutes per one way trip so we need to prepare ourselves anytime we go anywhere with our kiddos. When I tell you these times, 45-60 minutes it’s not an exaggeration. The public transit times here are brutal.

I decided to make this mini kit to have in my bag anytime we go somewhere. With items to keep kids occupied and engaged plus some snacks will keep everyone happy.

To build this kit you’ll need:

  • Nakd. Fruit bar
  • Bits n Bites
  • Basketball travel game
  • Go fish playing cards
  • Mini coloring book
  • Book
  • Squishy toy
  • Crayons

The container I chose for the kit is really small. I had to bend the colouring book to fit in it but it works. It’s small for the bags I carry when I’m out, and the sides lock which is nice so things don’t go flying all over the place. Keeping it small also helps keep clutter and any potential mess from happening. We plan on taking a trip this summer and I’ll be making all kiddos one of these to take along. They are cheap, and when my kids saw all the items in it they got really excited. It’s the little things.

The best part of all of this? Each item was $1.25 (the bits n bites were .50 each!) at the dollar tree! Which means the whole kit costs $10. The kit? Will keep kids busy the whole trip!

Worth it if you ask me! If you want to make your own kit you can include anything you’d like that you know your kids will like. The goal here though is to keep it small, and keep it busy. Stuff they can do to occupy their time and keep them busy.

More things to do equals fewer complaints! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be taking the bus or the train into the city with kids who are bored and looking for something to do! Arm them with tools to keep their mind busy and occupied and you’ll be all set!

Build your own and keep the complaints to a minimum in the car, on the bus, or heading on vacation on a plane or train!

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