Laser Pegs: Unique STEM Toys to Enhance Learning For Boy Age 6 to 11

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I have four boys and moms of boys know it can be tricky to sometimes get them to focus. I’ve noticed with Jayden especially who just turned nine this past June that with his recent ADHD diagnosis he is really a hands on learner. He loves building things, getting to play with what he’s built and he loves paying great attention to detail.

Laser Pegs sent us some fantastic STEM toys that enhance learning of spatial relations, creative abstract thinking, problem solving and math skills by grouping, and improving hand/eye coordination. Perfect for Jayden for many reasons, but also boys in general because let’s face it – sometimes boys can be silly and need some time to unwind, and focus! Laser Pegs makes that easier.Building the Laser Pegs is no small task. Jayden took the task very seriously and really enjoyed being able to follow along with the easy directions. Some of the directions showed some of the pieces to be a different colour, so he had to get help with that but because the directions are so clear it was easy to jump right back in.

Laser Pegs Mobile Police Unit

Bring law and order with this light up Mobile Police Unit building set that features sound effects activated by motion: simply tap the police unit to start the sirens! Truck trailer opens to reveal a mobile police command centre, including jail cell, computer station, and equipment locker.While this one took a bit longer – it turned out to be one of the biggest favourites in our house! With the light up features boys of all ages (especially those like mine who want to be a police officer, Jackson who is 7 LOVES it!)  Jayden built this one with the help of dad – with over 300 pieces, it will keep the kids busy for a while!

Laser Pegs Shark Ambush

Take a dive and explore the ocean reefs – but beware of the great white shark circling nearby! This Shark Ambush building set features a fully articulated light up shark with diver figure.Jayden is a huge animal fan. He loves insects, mammals, sea life and just about every animal you can think of. So, this one was a huge deal for him. Him and I built this one together, it was fairly easy once we established when we would need each piece and where. It didn’t take too long to build, and seems very sturdy. Which is really great in a house with four rough boys!

When I think of Laser Pegs I think of innovative toys that boys ages 6-11 can enjoy. It may take them a little while to build, but the fun they have doing it and the end result are well worth it. Jayden loves this kind of stuff, and is thrilled he can keep them up on his shelf away from his little brothers, and he can continue playing with them. These are different than other toys we’ve had to build, they are much more sturdy and will last.

The pieces are built to snap together, and are very difficult to take a part which is a great idea for toys like these so you can get a lot of use out of them, but also so little pieces don’t get lost. Be sure to follow the directions carefully though, because if you need to swap a piece or move because you made a mistake you could end up breaking apart other pieces due to them being on so well, but you can easily put them back together. It’s not a bad thing, just something to note.

Built to last, I have no doubt Jayden and Jackson will get a lot of use out of these. Once Justin is older, he will too. The price is just right too. The Mobile Police unit sells for $49.99 and the Shark Ambush $29.99 – Perfect for a birthday or gift for any other occasion.

Jayden has asked if we could get him a couple other sets for Christmas, so I am looking to see which other ones he may enjoy that won’t take too long, or be too complicated for him to put together himself.

SOME of the Laser Pegs toys also feature electronic sound effects, but not everyone. Take a look at the Mobile Police Unit all lit up below:

Pretty cool, right?

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