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Outside Play With Globber Scooters

As parents we are focused on making sure our kids get good grades, making sure they get to school on time, they brush their teeth, and their homework is done daily. But, something I've noticed is not everyone feels like kids should be outside getting ... READ the POST

So You Want to Get a Guinea Pig?

Three years ago now I all of a sudden wanted to get a guinea pig. Out of completely nowhere I just had to have one! So, my hubby and Jayden went out to find me one. They sent me pics of two and I had to choose, I picked the adorable white and ... READ the POST

Tips for Introducing Bottles to an Exclusively Breastfed Baby

Being a mom is the most rewarding and special experience in the world. From the moment that stick turns pink with two little lines our lives change forever. From the second those little tiny, squishy babies are placed in our arms it's go time. We ... READ the POST

5 Tips to Keep Kids Motivated on Weekends

After a busy week at school it seems my kids, like most, like to recompress on weekends, sounds about right, right? Well, yes but at the same time weekends aren't for shutting down completely. Weekends are for family time, catching up on chores, ... READ the POST

Getting to Know Charlie’s Colorforms City

With a house full of kids we are always watching something on the tv. Recently we were introduced to Charlie's Colorforms City, on Netflix. Justin and Hanna were hooked immediately and I was glad to find a show that was not only going to help teach ... READ the POST

Rustic Garden Baked Bread

Lunch on weekends sometimes gets really boring and we want to switch things up so I'm always trying to come up with ideas to make it fun for not only us but the kids too. A few weeks ago I asked my hubby, who is a genius in the kitchen, if he could ... READ the POST