Helpful Laundry Tips for Large Families


With a house full of people laundry is something we are no stranger to! I get asked all the time how do we deal with so many people? We must have so much laundry! Well, we do. Sometimes it’s a never-ending saga, while other times if we work together it’s done and put away quickly only for it to pile up again! But there are ways to manage and I decided I’d share those ways with you here today!

Helpful Laundry Tips for Large Families:

  • Have laundry baskets in every bedroom: Teaching the kids early how to toss their dirty laundry into their own laundry basket is key. No one likes having to wander around picking up other people’s dirty laundry. Keeping each bedroom stocked with a basket (or two if sharing!) keeps clothes together and organized.
  • Keep a tidy laundry space: Laundry for ten people can get messy. It can also get very disorganized and confusing. Keeping the laundry room free of clutter helps maintain the room and keep things in place.
  • Keep your soaps and accessories stocked: Running out of laundry soap isn’t ideal for anyone. But, trying running out when you have loads upon loads. No thank you. Keep the room stocked so you don’t have to worry and keep letting the laundry pile up.
  • Fold and Put away immediately: No one likes this part. It’s the bane of most people’s existence but it has to be done! Don’t leave it until tomorrow or the weekend tackle it as soon as it’s washed and dried.
  • Socks: Don’t even bother! We haven’t separated socks in years. There is no point. We wash them all together, throw them in a big tub and let the kids find the matches or mismatch. Who has time for sock sorting?

Looking for tips to help while doing laundry? Need to get your whites whiter? You are in luck here are some tricks we use to help us get our laundry done well and looking great!

  • Tennis Balls: Toss tennis balls in your dryer. They help cut drying time down and add a little fluff to your clothes! Wool dryer balls work wonders too! But tennis balls are cheaper!
  • Line Dry: Especially during the really hot summer months having the dryer on can make the home a bit hotter. When you can consider hanging clothes out on a line (or rack!) to dry!
  • Baking Soda: Add 1/2 cup to your loads. This helps brighten up your whites and brightens your brights.
  • Avoid dryer sheets: I hate them! They are pricey and smell awful. We don’t use them and I’m glad. Stick to the tennis balls or dryer balls.
  • Cleaner clean: Make sure you choose the right laundry detergent. They aren’t all created equally. Do your research and make sure you find which is the best for you. Keep using the same if you can, changing it up can create quite the build up!
  • Quicker Drying: Need a load to dry a little faster than normal? Throw a towel in with the load. The towel will soak up some moisture and help create a quicker drying time!

Do you have any helpful tips to help conquer all that laundry in your life?

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