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Let's Eat Together Mealtime Placemat - sixtimemommy.comMealtimes in our home are eaten together, at the dinner table. No matter what any of us are doing we stop it and sit down to eat our meals together. I grew up always having wonderful home cooked meals so I really make sure my kids have the same experience. It’s a great time to talk about our day, talk about what we expect tomorrow to be like and anything they want to talk about – we do!

When you have as many kids as I do it can be difficult for them to not get bored, or sit around and either wait for everyone else to finish – or the other kids wait for the littlest kids to finish.  I like us all sitting at the table until everyone is done. When we received the Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat I was excited to try it and see how parts of dinnertime would change.

While Justin was a little too small for this placemat (hes still 2 until September) Kyla, Jayden and Jackson had a lot of fun with it. Kyla was able to doodle when she wanted to, answer questions – and the reading helped her, Jayden and Jackson. Having to read the questions to be able to check mark them off was a huge plus!

The placemat also helped open up conversation a bit more. “What shall we talk about” was a lot of fun for everyone at the table. Having to answer: “What rhymes with…” and “What’s the opposite of..” was a lot of fun and our favorite..

Kyla enjoys using it during her snack time when the other kiddos are at school and she gets a chance to chat with me solo, and we can take advantage of all the questions together!




About the Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat:

To help parents and carers maximize their children’s mealtime experience, our double sided dry erase ‘Let’s Eat Together’ placemat (11 x 18 inches and includes a pen) is a fun, interactive tool that children just love to complete after a meal. Side one provides a check off system encouraging children to learn their table manners and side two provides fun activities to play at the table after a meal.

Side one: some of the ‘table manners’ include:

  • I helped set the table
  • I have washed my hands before eating
  • I didn’t talk with food in my mouth
  • No playing gadgets at the table
  • I helped clear the table

Side two: some of the ‘activities’ include:

  • What’s your best loved? (choose a theme such as animals, letters, food and then discuss why)
  • What makes you feel? (happy, excited, proud, worried or tired and then discuss why)
  • Animal alphabet fun (see if you can complete the alphabet naming an animal for each letter)
  • What’s the opposite of? (think of some fun, simple words suitable to your child’s age)
  • Just doodle



Where to purchase and price:

You can purchase on Amazon and The Victoria Chart Company website where you will be directed to purchase for $12.50.

For more information please check out: The Victoria Chart Company

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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