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The Kitchen is The Heart of the Home: Add the LG QuadWash and LG InstaView to Yours!

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Wednesday, June 20th I had the pleasure of attending the Chatelaine Kitchen to witness the reveal of the new LG QuadWash Dishwasher as well as the LG InstaView door-in-door refrigerator. I had been looking for the best refrigerator in India for a while at this point so this was perfect timing for me! Plus, a new dishwasher is always appreciated ;)

When the opportunity arose for me to head out for this event, I literally jumped at the chance, since I had recently undergone my own kitchen renovation and after looking at luxury kitchen designs (here) I had already decided that I need some new, attractive appliances to complement my new counters. The LG QuadWash is a spectacular piece of kitchen equipment and I would switch from ours at the drop of a hat for these two technologically advanced machines. The event was incredible and hosted by Canada’s own Rick Campanelli and one of my personal favourite chef’s, Chuck Hughes.

I am a full time stay at home dad and have been for the last year. I have two huge banes of my existence, one being laundry that seems to multiply by the hour and sinks full of dishes.

Granted the fact that there are 8 kids as well, I often find myself looking over my shoulder trying to see if the lights are all on for the dishes so I can do yet another load. Every time you go to look it’s a gamble of where exactly my dishwasher is within its cycle. It’s really a big waste of time when you look at the big picture of it. LG truly thought of everything when they had the LG QuadWash on the drawing board. Let’s take a look at what this machine can do.The LG QuadWash has LG SmarThinQ technology that is compatible with both Google and Amazon, making it pretty much a hands-free machine except for the loading and unloading. Knowing exactly where the cycle is takes away the guessing game and would totally increase my daily efficiencies with managing such a large family. I am constantly altering my schedule looking for the most effective and time efficient hacks I can find.

The LG QuadWash would help in this department in a big way. With the LG SmartThinQ app, you can check on the status of your cycle, be alerted when the cycle is done plus start and stop the machine. All from your smartphone. Now, that is what I call time-saving. Furthermore, if anything were to go wrong with the dishwasher then it could easily get fixed by a repair service like Edward’s Appliance Repair ( so you can wash your dishes with no hassle.

LG QuadWash Features:

Enjoy sparkling clean dishes with LG QuadWash Steam releasing steam at a very high temperature to effectively sanitize dishes.

  • QuadWash Steam releasing steam at a very high temperature to effectively sanitize dishes
  • Hot and pure steam particles penetrate every corner of the dishes for a hygienic clean
  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean while reducing water spots by 60%
  • The TrueSteam technology helps reduce the inconvenience of pre-washing dishes
  • The Multi-Motion spray arms rotate back and forth while spinning and provide enhanced coverage to clean every dish on every rack
  • EasyRackTM Plus: Its folding tines lets you fit dishes wherever you want. The height of the racks are easy to adjust on-the-fly for more space


  • Sparkling Clean Dishes: High-temperature steam removes baked-on, caked-on food from your dishes, sanitizes and reduces excess water spots
  • Thorough Cleaning: QuadWash provides maximum coverage to get things clean the first time
  • Easy Loading & Maximum Flexibility: The racking system can adjust to handle any challenge your dishes serve up
  • Minimalistic Design: It brings a sleek, modern design to your kitchen

My kids are constantly all over me about half the dishes still being dirty and needing to go through again. I scrape, rinse and soak like I always have and still there are dirty dishes or my glassware have those awful water spots that seem never-ending to rid yourself of. With the LG QuadWash, there are four wash arms as opposed to the traditional two arms. Not only are there extra arms, the LG QuadWash arms swivel at the tips to provide maximum water displacement and powerful water jets to ensure your dishes are done right the first time.Combining this with TrueSteam, your dishes will come out with 60% less water spots. The LG QuadWash also has a Steam Generator which adds an extra clean.
I bake a ton. If you can buy it, I prefer to make it and that means lots of pots, pans and bakeware. The LG QuadWash has a deep lower rack and an easylift middle. The easylift is an adjustable rack that elevates and lowers for optimal cleaning. The third rack is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Oversized utensils, dish towels or maybe even to steam up some fish for dinner, the addition of the third shelf is amazing.
Let’s not forget the LG QuadWash’s counterpart the LG InstaView which also comes with the SmartThinQ technology, wifi compatible and not only a clear panel door within a door for easily accessible drinks and snacks especially for the younger kids to get at, but it’s also come with its knock twice and see inside option as well. Having as many youngsters as I do, this innovative LG InstaView fridge not only saves on energy, it keeps the cold where it should be. Plus, it has been shown to be one of the most reliable fridges on the market so you’re much less likely to need to get a Greensboro refrigerator repair company in. In the fridge. With easy access to your favorites without losing cold air and energy, this fridge is every kitchens dream.My kids are constantly in the fridge and more times than not, they leave the fridge door open. NO issues anymore with the InstaView. The door notifies you if it has been left open. The option of being able to only open the front portion of the actual fridge door is such an appealing luxury for any family with smaller children, just the messes alone will be significantly reduced. I for one am all about the knock twice and see inside aspect. I am the worst for blankly staring at the fridge. All the cold air leaves, the temperature rises, the food spoils quicker and I lose days’ worth of freshness really quick. Not with the InstaView. Seriously, just knock twice and you have the perfect view. My wallet thanks you.

LG InstaView Features:

InstaViewTM Door-in-Door ®

  • InstaViewTM: By simple two knocks, it is easy to check on the items through the transparent window without opening the door
  • Door-in-Door ®: The Door-in-Door ® helps you to easily access your favorites by opening the Door-in-Door ®. Plus, with the ColdSaverTM Technology, cold air loss is reduced by up to 47%
  • Smart Storage System: SpacePlusTM Ice System, Folding Shelf and additional Extra Spaces provide you with more usable spaces
  • SmartThinQ: With LG SmartThinQ ®, your fridge can be easily controlled and diagnosed by your smartphone


  • Freshness: Keep your food fresher and longer by InstaView Door-in-Door, which helps you to avoid opening and closing the fridge doors so often
  • Energy Saving: Having the fridge door wide open while you prep the dinner? Check the ingredients by the transparent keeping the cold air in and saving the energy
  • Ultimate Convenience: InstaView Door-in-Door can afford any big family’s foods with more usable spaces with convenient organization
  • Sleek and Premium Design: Upgrade your kitchen with the stylish and modern fridge, InstaView Door-in-Door

I was thrilled to be a part of this event. The hosts and everybody included made it an amazing experience. The hosts Rick Campanelli and Chef Chuck Hughes were not only fun and full of humour, but they gave some wonderful Dad Hacks for cooking in the kitchen with the kids and making everyone feel welcome and involved. The kid-friendly recipes are quick and easy ensuring a great time for all in the kitchen. I look forward to trying them out this summer with the crew!

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, or just add a bit more convenience and make your life a little easier, these products from LG can make that happen. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home so whatever you put into it ultimately aides in what comes out of it. Make your kitchen the heart of your home with the LG QuadWash Dish Washer and LG InstaView Refrigerator!

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