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“Like New” Clothing From Perfect Threads Review

"Like New" Clothing from Perfect Threads REVIEW: Do you like to shop thrifty? Like getting amazing deals on like new NAME BRAND clothing? Perfect Threads has something for everyone! -

I was recently given $25 gift code to Perfect Threads to facilitate this review and was able to purchase anything from the website to review. I was pretty excited because I love thrift shopping. Sounds weird, but I’ve found some pretty amazing things for very good prices so I am always up for the challenge of buying from like new stores.

What is Perfect Threads?
Prefect Threads collects clothing from religious institutions, schools, charitable institutions and organized clubs and sports teams. Any organization in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) can use the Perfect Threads fund-raising model to organize a clothing drive to raise money for a good cause. Perfect Threads will organize the clothing drive and pay for the clothing that is collected. –

Quality Rating:
Perfect Threads carefully evaluates each item received and determine its quality and ability to resell it. They are strict about quality and have very stringent quality control. They work on a Star Rating System.

A Five-Star rating is for items of clothing that are New-With-Tags (NWT) or New-Without-Tags (NWOT).

A Four-Star rating is for items of clothing that are like new or EUC – Excellent Used Condition, but is neither NWT or NWOT.

A Three-Star rating is for items of clothing that have no rips or stains, but have been previously-loved. Customers ask: “What makes a 4-star a 3-star?” – Sometimes it is a zipper that sticks or doesn’t work, or a missing button. Or it is wear around the zipper or pockets or just too much wear or pilling.

Any minor stains will also move a 4-star to a 3-star. Any rips will move a 4-star to a 2-star.

A Two-Star piece of piece of clothing has been previously-loved but has stains or imperfections or excessive wear. Two-Star pieces are not put up for sale on the Perfect Threads’ web site but are provided to families-in-need or organizations-in-need via the Perfect Threads distribution system. It is the intention of Perfect Threads to ensure that we maximize the re-use of every piece of clothing. When there are families or organizations in-need and we will simply not relegate to landfill, a perfectly good piece of clothing due to these issues.

A One-Star piece of clothing, unfortunately has rips, large stains, odours and other signs of excessive wear and these clothes are donated to charitable organizations who have the resources and ability to find use for these clothes. – All this information and more can be found at

What does Perfect Threads have to offer?
Clothing for Women, Boys and Girls. They also offer amazing Bargain Boxes. Bargain boxes are 3 star items placed in groups and sold as a group. This is a really great idea, and if I hadn’t of found some single pieces I wanted to get I was going to opt into getting a Bargain Box.

What did I think?
I was quite impressed with the assortment of clothing I could choose from. Everything looked great and there was a lot of brand new pieces up for sale. Prices were really great starting at $1.99 up, I didn’t spend more than $4 for what I purchased. This was a huge plus for me. Why pay more for used items, even if name brand? You don’t have to. I found Perfect Threads star rating to be exactly on point, and I was impressed with how quickly my order shipped to me.

What did I get?
I got Justin some 18-24 month pieces. Some don’t quite fit yet, but I did that on purpose. He’s in between some sizes right now so I was happy to not have to pay a fortune to get clothes that he won’t fit into yet but once he does probably won’t stay in them for long. I also got Jayden a pair of jeans and Jackson a really cute whale tee. My girls have so many clothes I decided to see what I could get for the boys this time.




Every piece I got was name brand from Disney, Children’s Place and Gymboree. Everything arrived quickly, and in amazing condition. Some didn’t even look worn. Which as a thrifty shopper was a great thing to see.

My order was $4.75 over the gift voucher I was given of $25 so I paid that out of pocket. For the order total plus shipping. Perfect Threads does offer FREE shipping on orders $50 and up.

Where does Perfect Threads Ship?
Canada and the United States (some restrictions may apply)

If you are a thrifty shopper like me and like finding great deals without having to spend an arm and a leg on clothing, especially for kids who grow so quickly Perfect Threads is a great place to shop!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given a gift voucher to purchase these products complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.