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Living Big in 2017: Embracing Things as They Come & As They Are #LetsLiveBig #PurinaPetPeople

Going into 2017 I made a promise to myself. I promised things would be different this year. I would say yes to more things, I would try doing things out of my comfort zone, experience new experiences and hopefully, bring more to all our lives by making 2017 the best year yet here on the blog. I also promised myself I’d embrace things as they are instead of stressing over them, which I spend the majority of my time doing.

So far, things have been going well. I have said yes to more, I’ve taken on more work that I normally would say no to. My husband has taken his full-time job down to 2 days a week so that the blog can be more of our focus and we can hopefully get Six Time Mommy to where I’ve always envisioned it to be.

One thing I have yet to do is embrace things as they are. I’m still living in a bit of denial about some things. As most of you know, with my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. This caused me to gain a ton of weight and it has been really hard to lose it. To be honest, most of it has stayed on and this is something I can’t fully embrace.

For me, I think the worst part about gaining and losing weight has always been my double chin. No matter how much weight I seem to lose, my double chin does not seem to go down. That being said, a friend of mine told me a few days ago that she is considering getting fat dissolving injections to combat her double chin.

Apparently, she found some fascinating information about this cosmetic procedure on the Victorian Cosmetic Institute website so I think I am going to do some research to work out whether I might be a good candidate for this procedure. Who knows, we might even be able to book a procedure together so we can help each other through the process!

Anyway, for now, I’m going to work on losing weight, all while embracing my current body. Because a lot of things in life we don’t have control over, but our bodies, minds, and moods we do. So, I plan to tackle 2017 by living big and making big changes.

Our dogs don’t get out and walked very much. They hang out in the backyard and go for the odd walk when my oldest is feeling in the mood. This year I’ve decided that on my journey to better myself and get my body back into the pre-gestational diabetes state it once was I am going to start taking long walks with my dogs more frequently. My animals are my world just like my babies and keeping them healthy is just as important as keeping my kids and myself healthy.

The one thing we all agreed on when we got our first dog, Chase, back in 2009 was that we were all going to do our best with them and work as a team to take care of them. Well, although I’m always the one to feed them, love them and clean up after them I don’t really do much as far as outdoor activities with them and to me, living big in 2017 this is going to be a top priority.

I’ve already taken the dogs on multiple walks this week, I take usually one at a time or two at a time, never all three (that would just be crazy!) and while I have really enjoyed these long walks with my furbabies I know they are loving them and appreciating them too. We had a long backyard before for them to run and make the most of the exercise time, but things are different now that we’ve moved and its time we get out and enjoy these walks. I think they do. Long walks do wonders for our bodies and minds, they also greatly improve the lives of our precious dogs and will help them in the long run more than we even realize. So, its a win/win for us all!

Pets don’t just make life better. They make it bigger. Together, we can do the same for them.

One thing is for sure, 2017 is the year of living big in our house. We’ve once again partnered with Purina for the 2017 #PurinaPetPeople Ambassador program and I am thrilled to be bringing more of my favorite little furry friends to Six Time Mommy! I also look forward to chronicling how well we’re doing; my weight loss journey and exercise with the dogs and also how well everything else I planned to do to Live Big this year, goes. I can already tell you it’s going to be an amazing year!

How do you plan to Live Big this year? Do any of your plans include your favorite furry friends?

Disclosure: I am part of the Purina Pet People Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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