Make Your Own Gumball Machine Christmas Tree Ornament


Make Your Own Gumball Machine Christmas Ornaments - sixtimemommy.comOh my goodness we are 3 days into December! Can you believe that? I have been waiting for this month all year. It’s my favorite, and I love making sure my house is ready for Christmas with decorations. Last night I brought out the first round of my Christmas candy for my table!

xmascandyI have all these memories from when I went to my grandparents house as a child and they always had different candy out in their living room on their coffee table. In these gorgeous clear crystal bowls. That is actually where I fell in love with my all-time favorite Chocolate Yummi’s I need to go to Bulk Barn and pick some up! They’ll make a lovely addition to my table once these mints are gone.

Christmas is usually full of joy, laughter and fun for most families but I’ve always felt a bit of sadness around the holidays. This year marks my 14th Christmas without my mom and my 12 Christmas without my grandparents who always played such a big part of my life especially around the holidays. I try not to think about it much during the year, but when the holidays come around it can’t be helped.

Every year to keep my mind on more happier things I love making Christmas crafts, and ornaments with my kids. Last year we made salt dough ornaments which my kids loved making so I figured why not make some more decorations to adorn the tree again this year! Although salt dough ornaments are some of my faves something different it was going to be – Gumball Machine ornaments!

gumballMaterials Needed:

  • Glass or plastic clear ornaments
  • Neon and regular Pom-pom balls
  • Red paint
  • Red cupcake liners
  • Paint brush
  • String or yarn
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun


  1. Pick out all your red, blue, pink, green, orange, white, and purple pom-pom balls
  2. Take the silver top off your clear ornament and paint it red, then let dry
  3. While your top is drying, start filling your ornament with the pom-pom balls that you picked out
  4. Once your top is dry place it back on the ornament by squeezing the prongs together and carefully pushing it on
  5. Now hot glue a upside down cupcake liner onto the bottom of your ornament
  6. Tie a piece of string or yarn onto the ornaments hook
  7. Your cute gumball machine is complete!





process6Super cute, not too complicated and they look so good on the tree! I remember as a kid when I got one of these gumball machines I was so excited and ate all the gum within a day. Needless to say, I’ve never gotten my kids a gumball machine but this? Even better if you ask me. This can be kept forever, and used on your tree year after year and won’t cause cavities or in my case a nasty stomach ache!

Do you like to make any homemade ornaments for your tree?

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