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Make Mealtime and Snack Time Easier With PlaytexBaby™ Mealtime Sets and Playtex® Flip Top Snackers #PlaytexMoms #ForBetterBeginnings

When it comes to eating meals and snacks my kids are at the top of their game. My kids could and would eat us out of house and home if we let them. I have never seen kids eat so much as my little munchkins.

For school, they get five snacks plus a sandwich and drink, and still come home hungry. It’s crazy, but growing kids are often hungry, so it’s a must to make sure they always have good meals and snacks available. Thankfully for us, PlaytexBaby has Mealtime sets and great Snackers with the  that kids can take anywhere and not spill their snacks! Talk about a bonus in our house where spills happen all too often.

Justin is my biggest eater by far. He and Jackson could eat circles around the other kids, and believe me when I say they are growing to show for it!

Justin is turning four in September and loves his afternoon snacks. We love being out in the backyard, but spills happen and making sure his snacks stay protected a must. The Playtex® Flip Top Snackers are ideal for this as they won’t let the snacks spill out, and go all over the ground!

Playtex® Flip Top Snackers

The Playtex® Flip Top Snacker is designed to help your child learn how to snack independently.

  • Child’s ID Label on bottom of snacker
  • Unique ergonomic handle for child’s easy grip
  • Soft opening that is gentle on child’s hand
  • Flip Top Snacker – simply twist the snack catcher onto the base until you hear, feel & see it click closed.
  • Put on the lid; then it’s spill-proof!
  • When the child is ready to snack, the lid swivels to snap onto the bottom- one less piece to lose!
  • 100% Break-Proof Guarantee*
  • All parts are dishwasher safe

Justin is also very independent when it comes to eating so we love using the PlaytexBaby™ Mealtime Sets that comes with a cup, bowl, plate, and utensils fit for a toddlers little hands! With him heading off to Kindergarten in September we are really trying to get him used to opening and closing lids for his lunches. So, the Playtex® Flip Top Snacker has been helpful with that.

Justin feels like a big boy eating with his very own utensils, and they are sized for him, so they aren’t hard to eat off of either.

Playtex Mealtime Bowls, Plates and Utensil Sets

  • Steep rounded sides make scooping easier for toddlers and keep things neater for parents
  • Bowls designed with a feeding expert to help your child learn how to successfully self-feed
  • Bowls are sized to help parents properly proportion food for toddler’s tummy
  • Bright colors and graphics help hold toddlers’ attention during meals
  • Rubber rims and non-slip rings on bowls’ bottoms help to prevent spills and messes
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Create a set your toddler will love with the matching designs on our plates, bowls, cups, and utensils!
  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free
  • Break-Proof Guarantee*
  • Also available in a Mealtime Set (plate, bowl, cup and toddler utensils)

Being able to eat independently and look forward to using his very own utensils the Playtex® Mealtime Sets have been extremely helpful, and the fun designs get Justin really excited about what plate and bowl he will get next for dinner.

I love them because they are sturdy, and if little Hanna gets her hands on them and they end up being thrown down, I don’t have to worry about them breaking as they are a sturdy build that lasts a long time. I still have Playtex® bowls and cups from when my girls were itty bitty. They last a long time.

Designed for successful self-feeding Playtex® Mealtime Plates help make mealtime fun with lively colors and graphics while their shape and size guide parents toward proper kid-friendly portions.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I am a PlaytexBaby ambassador. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.