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How to Make Reading More fun for kids

reading1Although my kids do love to read now it wasn’t always the case. Jordan has always been above par when it comes to reading, writing and being creative. But, that hasn’t always been the case for my other kids.
I’ve had to get creative to come up with easy, fun and creative ways to get them reading – and wanting to read without being pressured, or felt like it was a punishment. Reading is very important, and although some kids may be slower to learn, and need some extra help there are ways to make the process fun and get kids loving reading!


Make Reading More fun for Kids

  • Set up a comfortable reading spot/corner: Have a quiet area in your home you can make into a little spot just for reading? Make it a colorful, relaxing spot where kids can sit read, and enjoy their quiet time.
  • Read together: My kids love reading to me, and having me read to them. A short book, a long book or a few books at a time it doesn’t take very long to sit, relax and read together. I find this makes them a little bit more eager to read when they otherwise wouldn’t really have an interest.
  • Have older siblings read to younger siblings: One of my girls LOVES helping the younger boys read. She takes pride in it and it makes her feel good to be able to read to her little brothers and help them read words they don’t already know.
  • Make it a game: Yes, a game. Make up a sheet that they can keep track of books they read, how many pages and how many minutes it took to read. After 10 or 20 books let them pick a board game, or a fun puzzle to do with you!
  • Start with books below their current level: While kids tend to read at their own pace, they never really seem to all be on the same level. Observe where your child is at and get age appropriate, but a level or two under where you think they are reading. This helps boost confidence and get them wanting to read more and happy to move up to different levels.

Do you have any you could add to make reading more fun for kids? Let’s hear ’em!

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