Tips to Effectively Meal Plan And Save Money With FreshCo

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When you have big family, things get expensive. Food is one of those things. With seven kids, we go through so much food that we need to properly meal plan and shop where we will get the most bang for our buck! Our kids are growing and will continue to, which means that bill is only going to grow with them!

We’ve always known it would be something that would be costly, but we’ve had ways to cut the costs. As a blogger, people often ask me advice on how we manage with so many kids and our bills; one of the most asked being about our food bill. It’s simple for us because I am a planner. I love to plan every detail including what meals we will be eating and when. FreshCo has always been a store we can trust that when we go, there will always be savings for us. Savings which we need wherever we can get them! Some weeks I like to use meal delivery services as it takes away all the preparation and time consuming thoughts over what to eat for the week. It can be hard to choose which plan to go with as there are so many good ones, but articles such as Home Chef vs Hello Fresh can be really helpful.

I also tend to buy things in bulk or larger batches. Fruits and veggies are one of those things that I like to buy multiple packages, and then I will clean, and freeze them.

I tend to freeze more fruit than veggies but FreshCo has great fresh produce that I can buy in bulk, wash, freeze and then pull out for smoothies or even make a fresh sorbet, which I have been doing a lot of lately. With FreshCo’s low price commitment through everyday pricing, it doesn’t break the bank to go healthy. I know a lot of people find buying fresh produce to be a little on the expensive side, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When it comes to my family, I don’t cut corners with variety, quality, and creativity. With my meal plans, I tend to plan two weeks in advance then add on things like smoothies or sorbets, after a trip to the store and stocking up on the fruits and veggies needed.

With FreshCo’s great flyer deals and Cheaper Guarantee, they will beat the price of any competitor with their price match policy. Which is something my husband can tell you is second to none. He uses it often but most of the time doesn’t need to because the prices are already great. We always bring all flyers we get in the mail just in case.

Looking to start a meal plan for your family? Here are some tips I use to help me find the best deals and make sure our family is not only getting the very best fresh produce, bakery goods, meat (where the meat is not compromised), even with low prices.

Tips to Effectively Meal Plan:

  • Browse Flyers: FreshCo has fantastic, great flyer deals that are released often. With the price match guarantee, they make it easier to shop in one place and get the best bang for your buck!
  • Plan Your Shops: Do you want to buy weekly or bi-weekly? Setting this plan is critical so you can plan with your flyers and figure out what dishes you are going to make and when.
  • Set a Budget: After going over the flyers to see what is on sale, set a budget for your week/bi-weekly shops. Once you set this budget in place, put the amount you decided for your shop into an envelope and only bring this cash with you to the store. This avoids overspending and avoids buying snacks and foods you know you won’t need but may just want at the moment.
  • Price Match: Find a deal at another store but don’t want to shop at different places? Bring the competitor flyer into FreshCo with you, locate the product and show your cashier! It’s simple and works. The friendly staff is always helpful with price matching and if you can’t find the exact item you need, ask them! They’ll help you find it!
  • Prepare a Head: If you have some crock pot meals, take a day to get everything prepared in advance and freeze it. The day you have it planned to make, take it out, toss in the crock pot and off you go. You can do this with pasta and pizzas too. Make them ahead and freeze for the day you need them!

FreshCo is a grocery store that promises to offer prices as low or lower than anyone in the market while providing fresh products that exceed customer expectations in a discount environment. Discount Done Right is exactly what FreshCo is and can help keep your grocery bill low, and not compromise quality and freshness.

How do you make sure your family is saving on your grocery bill? Do you meal plan?

Disclosure: This post has been generously sponsored by the makers of FRESHCO but the opinions expressed are my own.

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