For The Mini Foodie: Felt Bow Tie Pasta Craft


There is something so cute about felt food, it just puts plastic bananas and hot dogs to shame. I also love that felt is such an inexpensive medium to work with and easy to use. When the little ones are begging for new play food it’s my go-to craft supply along with my handy glue gun. This go-round I put together some sweet little bow tie pasta that is perfect for restaurant or grocery store play.

Supplies needed:

  • Cream felt
  • Straight scissors
  • Pinking shears
  • Hot glue gun/stick
  • Optional- clothespins


    1. First cut your sheet of cream felt into strips just a little smaller than 2” wide.
    2. Then cut each strip so that it is just a bit shorter than 3” long, use your pinking shears to give your edges the look of real pasta.
    3. A standard sized piece of felt will give you around 2 dozen pieces of pasta.
    4. Add a ¼” long strip of hot glue to the very center of each piece of pasta, quickly fold it in half lengthwise and allow it to harden/dry completely. You can use wooden clothespins if you like to hold it together until set, they hold about 4 at a time.
    5. Once all your pieces are set move on to the next step of finishing off your pasta. Add another ¼” of hot glue to the back top and bottom edges of your pasta and fold it back, again lengthwise. To keep your fingers from getting singed, use a wooden craft stick to press down the felt into the glue. You can either hold each piece until the glue dries or pop it back in the clothespins while you move onto the next piece.
    6. Remove pasta from clothespins and puff them out a bit and that is all there is to it, they are ready for play.

Add a small strainer, a pot, a wooden spoon, an empty parmesan cheese container, and dishes to set up a kitchen scene. Cut a basil leaf from green felt, maybe a tomato or two and your little chef will be busy for hours!


What do you think? Do you have any little foodies in your life who would enjoy some homemade felt pasta?!

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