Minimize Heat Costs by Finding The Draft With BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors + GIVEAWAY!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz. As always opinions are all my own.

In the winter it can be a challenge to make sure your home is warm enough for everyone. With heating bills soaring and the weather getting colder it’s important we do what we can to make sure we are cutting costs where we can. Whether it means getting in touch with a company who can provide windows and doors Markham replacement services, turning the heating low before going to sleep or changing energy providers, there is a lot that can be done when it comes to reducing energy bills.

As a big family, it’s something we try to do with everything so we save a little.

This past summer we moved into a much larger house than we’ve ever lived in. It’s big, open concept is one I really cherish but I’ll admit, it’s chilly to me. I know the home windows are pretty old so might be letting in drafts, which is something we are going to have to tackle, perhaps by replacing them. But even so, we usually keep our heat between 71/73 and even that isn’t good enough for me most mornings. It got me thinking, why is every room in our house (besides our basement!) warm but the living room is really drafty?

BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors are a DIY Cold Sensor as a solution for testing cold areas in your home. I was able to place BlindSpotz in some areas in our home to really find out where the cold is coming from.

After you place the stickers in and around your home, 48 hours the sensors will change to show how much you heat the room. Once you have waited, you take a photo, email the photo to BlindSpotz and they will answer you will some solutions on how to help improve the energy loss in your room. If the stickers don’t change? You are good!

Below is one of the two sensors in my living room, both showing to be in the range of perfect – needing to do nothing. So, of course, it’s me and pregnancy thinking our living room is too chilly in the mornings as it’s just right!

With the cost of heating being as high as it is I need all the solutions I can get to keep my rooms all feeling warm and cosy, and keep my bills in my comfort zone as well. My heating bill is usually quite expensive but one of my friends was telling me that Ariba oil has affordable heating oil prices so I might check them out. I love saving money wherever I can and the heating bill is definitely something that I would love to save money on! The typical energy efficiency audit costs between $300 and $500. Not only is that expensive, the contractor will come when it is convenient for him (the middle of a single day) not when it is the best time to figure out where your problems lie (usually at night or on a colder day). Blindspotz is a completely new way to think about home efficiency testing. You do it yourself. The results are simple and obvious.

Not sure how BlindSpotz works? What exactly is it? Check out this video below!

Do you feel your home is a little drafty? Want to find out where the issues are in your home and save a little money with some great solutions? Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a BlindSpotz sensors kit – 3 winners!

BlindSpotz: Find the cold. Fix the cold. GIVEAWAY! USA ONLY.

This giveaway is for 3 packages of BlindSpotz to 3 different winners. Retail Value $9.99 each. Prize shipment will take 4-6 weeks. Please note: If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Prizing provided and fulfilled by BlindSpotz. USA only.



  1. Our home is pretty good. Now our previous home where we had all wood floors on the main floor was drafty. This home, even though I hate as much carpet as there is and it has a basement seems to maintain temperature pretty well. It also was built in 2014, compared to our last home built in 2007, so they’ve come a long way with insulation since then. These things for detecting cold spots are pretty neat.

  2. Interesting way to find out where you might need to add some insulation or caulk up some spaces. You don’t realize how much you can lower your electric bill into you start looking into where heat is escaping in the winter or hot air is coming in during the summer. Nice idea!

  3. Wow this is great. I had no idea something like this was available. I have a really old house and this would really come in handy for figuring out what areas are in need of upgrading.

  4. Our electric bill was more this year and we arent sure why. I would love to have some of these to see if we have any leaks that could easily be fixed.

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