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Monthly A Baby Bag Reveal!

I’m so excited. My monthly A Baby Bag has arrived, and it’s just getting better and better!  This is what I got in my bag this month:

Budding Minds Humpty Dumpty Storybook, Do More Bar, Baltic Amber Necklace and a Corduroy book
Can I just say that the ladies over at A Baby Bag truly outdo themselves every month. I have yet to be disappointed. Justin clings to the Humpty Dumpty book and doesn’t like anyone touching it. Kyla and Ava have read the Corduroy book more times than I can count and the Do More Bar? well, lets focus on that for a second…
We got the Cherry Almond bar. It was incredible. YES, I tried it! Actually I split it with Jackson, and he loved it – otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing! I had never heard of the Do More Bars until I got this bag this month, but it got me curious so I googled and found the official website. The story of the bar reminds me of myself, trying to make good healthy choices when it comes to food for my kids that aren’t full of junk. So I could relate.
 I read all the ingredients in the bars and I think my kids would like most, if not all the bars they offer. I was a little disappointed to find out though they don’t ship outside the USA. But, if they ever do they will have a customer, RIGHT HERE! Very, very good!
So, this month was a win for me again. Great job A Baby Bag I am impressed!
If you would like to order you can do so here.
There are 2 bags to choose from. Baby and Toddler. You can sign up to receive them once a month OR sign up to try one to see if you will like it, and then you can get them when and if you choose to!
They are $47/US and $50/CAN – And most definitely worth it. You get full sized items, and I’ve always gotten 4-5 items in each bag! Amazing deal, and would make an amazing Birthday, Baby Shower or Just because gift for any mom, baby or toddler!