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Great Movies on Netflix for Young Teen Girls Right Now

It’s no secret I love spending time with my kids. One of my favourite things to do with my two oldest girls (12 and 11) is watch movies with them and recently we’ve been watching a lot of movies on Netflix. I decided I’d share Great Movies on Netflix for Young Teen Girls Right Now because recently we found three movies we all just adored and had the most fun watching together. So, if you have teen or preteen girls you want to spend some extra time with some of these movies may be a great way to do that!

First it needs to be said. Four of these movies star a brilliant actor, Noah Centineo. Not only is he adorable (and reminds me so much of a young Mark Ruffalo, yum) but he is very entertaining to watch. Each role is like it was written just for him and he has truly captured the hearts of my girls. He is genuinely going to be a huge star — he has so much talent. Those movies are noted with *

Also, two of the movies on this list are from my teenage years, my twelve year old Kyla added them and my heart couldn’t be happier. I love me some good romcoms and late 90’s, 2000’s movies! Grab your favourite candy + snacks and settle in for a great girls night in!

Great Movies on Netflix for Young Teen Girls Right Now

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before*
  • The Perfect Date*
  • Sierra Burgess is a Loser*
  • SPF-18 (* although I have yet to see this one!)
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • Miracle from Heaven
  • Clueless
  • Bring it On
  • The Notebook
  • Safe Haven
  • F The Prom
  • Soul Surfer
  • The Kissing Booth
  • Middle School: The worst year of my life
  • Bring it on: in it to win it
  • Midnight Sun
  • Going for Gold
  • The Outcasts
  • Step Sisters
  • A Cowgirl’s Story
  • The Duff

I asked my girls to give me a list each of movies they’ve been watching lately and they came up with this amazing list. I’ve seen a few of them with them, but a couple others I haven’t so we are going to change that and once a week sit down with each other and watch a movie.

Although most of these movies aren’t my cup of tea, I enjoy watching with them and listening to them gush about the actors in the movies (brings me back!) if you are looking for something lowkey to do at home with your young teen girls, sit down with some popcorn and a good teeny bopper flick on Netflix!

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