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5 Tips to Get Your House Guest Ready in 10 Minutes or Less + Giveaway #MrsMeyersCA

With the holidays quickly approaching the first thing that comes to my mind at this very moment is my house. We’ve been trying to change things around, and this past week we’ve painted numerous rooms in our home. So, I want to make sure everything is put away, clean and tidy for the holidays just in case any visitors drop by which they often do!

With painting, 7 kids, 3 dogs, 3 cats and kids friends constantly roaming around it’s a given our house isn’t going to be tidy most of the day. I’ve come to realize I can’t expect that, it only took 13 years as a parent but I’ve given up. I’ve given up with wanting my house to look spotless, because let’s face it – it probably won’t now for the next oh, 17’ish years? But it doesn’t mean I let it go. That just isn’t going to happen, I crave cleaniness. If things are out of place, toys on the floor and junk under my dining room table you bet I’m cleaning it or getting the kids help tidy it up. Who wants to live in a mess? Not me, but it’s not spotless. Any parent who claims their house is – well, they’re fooling themselves and you! Kids are messy. Pets are messy, and husbands? Often can be the messiest!

So, what am I to do during the holidays when I know I can’t get my house spotless but guests are sure to pop in? I’ve been doing the same things for years, and recently was offered the chance to try out Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products; Which a line that the the company is launching of household products in Canada this upcoming January. So I decided to give them a try. I had heard of Mrs.Meyers products before but I hadn’t ever given them a try so I was interested to see if they’d hold up to my household!


They did. Not only is the packaging really appealing, at least to me, but the products truly smell amazing. That is one of the top things I look for when choosing cleaners, they have to smell good but not over powering. A lot of scents trigger migraines for me and also we have a parrot that is very sensitive to scents, so much so they could kill him – so we are always careful.

The products I was sent are from the Clean Day line, which as I said is launching in Canada in January. Soon as I opened the box there was a hint of lemon smell, which is one of my favourites. So I got cleaning right away.

5 Tips to Get Your House Guest Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

  • Spot Clean: Although every night when my kids go to bed I do my scrubbing, and usually get everything organized when guests are about to arrive, or buzz saying they are at my door spot cleaning is the way to go. I take a spot, I assign any kids that are around a spot and we tidy it up. It usually takes less than 2 minutes depending on how many toys Justin has left out, but it works really well. However, sometimes the technique of spot cleaning does not work for carpets. We tried hard but the stubborn stain on my carpet was just not ready to leave. So, when I looked for recommendations regarding that, my friends suggested me (and almost instinctively) to search for professioanl carpet cleaners from firms like Chem-Dry (who are known to be Richmond’s top rated carpet cleaners). Anyway, now that the problem is solved, I am almost ready for my guests.
  • Take an inventory and stock up: Have a cleaning cupboard? I have one under my kitchen sink where I keep all my cleaning products. Once a month I take an inventory and make sure to refresh and replace anything that is low, empty or just need an extra one of so I don’t have to worry about running out.
  • Keep Paper towels or Un-paper towels on hand, always: This is a MUST. For getting things clean in 10 minutes or less. If you are having to hunt down a rag, or find that old wash cloth nothing will get done quickly. Keep them readily available and grab on the go!
  • Vacuum as you go: I would stop everything I was doing and clean then vacuum or vacuum then clean. This didn’t work for me as I usually had a truck load of kids and animals behind me making a mess all over. So, I’d clean one area then vacuum then move to the next, and so on. The kids would always follow me so theres nothing for them to mess up!
  • Put dishes away ASAP: We don’t have a dishwasher anymore, oh the horror! But it’s true. So we do ours by hand and all of us are notorious for leaving the dishes in the drying rack and just using them as we go. BIG NO NO. So, I’ve been trying my best to always put the dishes away the second they are washed, and dried. No leaving them to stockpile up in the rack. It looks so messy, and when people come into my house the kitchen is the first thing they see!

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Inspired by a real person, Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer – a homemaker who had a great idea to make cleaners that smell like the delightful Midwestern garden she grew up around, but “still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime.”

In January the products coming to Canada include:



They all smell really incredible, and thankfully work just as well as they smell. I can’t even go down the isle in the grocery store with all the laundry detergents because the smell within a few seconds of being nearby triggers a migraine for me so these were a refreshing change from those harsh, hard smells you smell while shopping for the products you use often. These products are not tested on animals, and after speaking to our vet he felt it was safe to use with our parrot in well ventilated areas, so we don’t have to worry about his well-being while getting our house clean and fresh!


The kind folks at Mrs. Meyers want to celebrate and share with you these wonderful products coming to Canada! Please note: Giveaway open to Canadian Residents only. ONE (1) winner will receive 6 products from Mrs. Meyer’s upcoming CLEAN DAY Products!

Mrs. Meyers CLEAN DAY product pack

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given these products complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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