What Must Have Items Should You Include On Your Baby Registry? + GIVEAWAY!


Believe me when I say preparing for baby can be overwhelming. No matter how many babies I have, I still get very anxious and have a strong need to make sure I have everything I need well before baby arrives. I packed my last hospital bag 9 weeks before my due date for Hanna. I also overpacked that very bag, which I really did regret.

So, what can help relieve some of the stress of making sure you have everything you may need? Developing a baby registry. But not just a registry that is jam-packed with the cutest little onesies that you want – but one that focuses on the items you’ll NEED and use every day.

Babies”R”Us can help with this! Years ago, when I was expecting my first little one, I was freshly 18 years old just weeks before his delivery, and I was terrified. I was alone and really didn’t have the support I needed. A friend of mine was working at Babies“R”Us and told me about the registry. Of course, I was being thrown a baby shower, so it was the perfect time for me to create my registry.

Would I include the same things now I did back then? Probably not. Now that I am a more seasoned mom, and know what I do and don’t need, it’s easier for me to know what to buy and what can wait.. I received a great variety of must-have registry items from Huggies and Babies“R”Us that are all found on the registry page on the Babies“R”Us website, and below I will share my favourites!

Preparing for a new baby is exciting, but there’s often lots to do! Babies“R” Us makes it simpler by offering two ways to register:

Online: Download the new Babies“R”Us Registry app, available through iTunes or Google Play, to create and update your registry for easy, on-the-go access

In-store: Reserve a personal appointment at www.babiesrus.ca with a Baby Registry expert who can provide helpful guidance for soon-to-be moms.

When you register with Babies“R”Us, you’ll receive a free gift which may include samples and coupons to help give you and baby a happy, healthy start.

My Top 8 Must-Haves On A Baby Registry:

  • Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers are designed to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy. As the #1 choice of Canadian Hospitals, more and more newborns are being wrapped in the softness and comfort of Huggies® Diapers. They include a GentleAbsorb® Liner (Newborn – Size 2 that draws the mess away from baby’s delicate skin. An umbilical cord cut-out (Preemie – Newborn) that is perfectly shaped to protect healing belly-buttons; and a pocketed waistband that helps keep the mess inside where it belongs. I have always found Huggies to fit baby in a way that doesn’t cause leaks and is both comfortable for baby and good fitting under those itty bitty clothes. Huggies® Little Snugglers diapers umbilical cord cut-out also means no having to fold the diaper down in the front, which any parent knows can cause some serious leakage to happen!
  • Huggies® Natural Care Wipes are hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol-free and include TripleClean* layers that provide a gentle clean for baby’s delicate skin. A delicate wipe is a must for all babies. With their skin so soft, delicate and new you need to ensure you are using a wipe that is made with these precious little ones in mind, Huggies® Natural Care wipes are just that. These wipes have been a staple in our house for years, and when using, we’ve never had to use cream or worry about a rash.
  • Diaper Genie Elite is unlike ordinary household trash cans; the Diaper Genie system helps keep unpleasant smells where they belong. The Double-Lock design and 7-layer bag help keep odors from escaping, so your nursery stays new-baby fresh
  • HaloSleep Sack Swaddle replaces loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby’s face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, it helps him or her sleep better, too. I used a Sleep Sack for my last two babies as I’ve always been a fan of swaddling.  
  • Nursing Pillows are ideal for Nursing, Feeding, Sitting and Playing! Use as a Nursing Cushion to help prop a newborn to make feeding easy and comfortable or as a Support Pillow to safely support infants while learning to sit up. It’s ideal for both rest & play! If you plan to breastfeed a pillow is a must in those early days, weeks and months! I used a nursing pillow with 5 of my babies, and I took it to the hospital with me for each birth too. It’s comfortable, easy to clean and is the perfect size for the baby cradle in and nurse.
  • Infinity Breastfeeding Scarf is convenient to wear and use when nursing and allows maintained eye contact and airflow for your baby. I wish I had this for every single baby. I know sometimes it can be hard to nurse while out and about. It makes it easy, comfortable and convenient to nurse on the go while also maintaining your bond with your child while experiencing one of the most amazing gifts moms can give their babies.
  • Receiving Blankets  allow you to safely swaddle your newborn creating a soft, soothing feel against your baby’s skin. I can’t tell you how many receiving blankets you need, because you’ll need A LOT of them, at least over my 14 years of being a mom I’ve used countless. They are perfect for everyday use, on the go, swaddling, even just burping!
  • The Mommy Hook is the perfect stroller hanger. Use The Mommy Hook on your stroller or your shopping cart. Just snap it on and you’re ready to roll! You can also use The Mommy Hook to carry bags from your car to your home.  We don’t own a vehicle so we subway and cab it everywhere, but if we can, we walk. So this means a stroller usually gets taken and if we didn’t have this hook, we’d never have groceries. It holds a TON. It’s durable, strong and holds multiple bags of groceries. I recommend this to anyone who has a stroller or who carries a lot of bags!

hese items made my list because as a mom of 7, I’ve used and trusted all of these items. Welcoming a new addition to the family doesn’t have to be stressful, and others can help give you the items you need! Registering at Babies”R”Us also helps make sure you don’t get two of the same things or things you don’t need! Someone at my shower didn’t check my registry, and I ended up with 2 baby tubs and had to make the trek back to the store to exchange for something I did need!

Looking to register or know someone who would benefit from having a registry? Don’t forget to drop in to Babies“R”Us to take advantage of the  Baby Fest promotion from July 7th –July 20th where Jumbo packs of Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers and Natural Care Wipes will be 40% off! Check in-store and online at www.BabiesRUs.ca for details!

giveaway! win a $200 Babies”R”Us Gift Card!

What products couldn’t you live without when a new parent?

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Babies”R”Us and Huggies Canada. As always, opinions are all mine.


  1. My sister-in-law swears by the genie! She loved it so much it’s what I’ve bought all my friends since. This is a great list for aunts needing gift ideas!

  2. A well stocked diaper station. Wipes, diapers, diaper cream, bath products and baby massage creams.

  3. These are all great suggestions! When I had my first baby, I bought/registered for a lot of things I did not need or didn’t end up using. One item that I was glad to have was the nursing pillow. It really does make it so much more comfortable when breastfeeding. Instead of being hunched over, the baby is brought up to your breast level. It’s great!

  4. Thanks for the tips. When I get closer to my due date I will for sure be checking some of this stuff out and making a registry.

  5. The diapers, the nursing pillow and sleep sacks in different sizes.
    Thank you for this chance to win.

  6. I would pick up the infinity breastfeeding scarf from your list. I’ve picked up nearly everything else already so it’s the only thing i’m missing!! I grabbed a halo sleep sack this week and I am loving it! It’s so easy to use and it keeps her so warm. I’ll probably grab a few more of those too!

  7. Huggies Little snugglers Diapers, they’re the baby shower gift I give to anyone if it’s their second child. For the first something cute and over the top. For the second something practical, and I know, useful.

  8. I would buy huggies wipes because those things are great for more than just babies! We use wipes for cleaning, dirty hands and faces as well!

  9. This is a fantastic list. Going from 1 to 2 and I feel so underprepared this time around. The first one I feel like I had everything by now, this one I feel like is gonna be on a wing and a prayer lol

  10. I remember being a first time mum and totally overwhelmed by what I needed. I winged it, as I usually do, but would have loved to have had a registry. Love the sound of the breast feeding scarf – would have helped so much when BF outside of the house!

  11. I would get Huggies diapers, sleep sac and the nursing pillow. Expecting in August! This would be great for additional items!

  12. I definitely would buy the handi hook. It is perfect to add bags to the stroller and makes a great small baby shower gift or add on to a basket. I would also buy the diapers because you can never really have enough.

  13. Such a great list. All these things are definitely essentials.. Any mom who wins this giveaway will be blessed. I loooove Babies R us – every time I go into the store, I get all nostalgic at when I was expecting my babies.

  14. I will definitely be getting a mommy hook. I’ve been meaning to buy one but just haven’t gotten around to it

  15. My cousin is expecting this fall and just registered at Babies R Us. I can’t wait to browse through her list of needs and go shopping! You provided some really great inspiration for the new parents too!

  16. These are all great items to have on your baby registry! I didn’t know what i was doing the first time around, but when I had my second I had most of these things on my registry!

  17. Everyone needs one of those Handy Hooks. We don’t have a baby, but we use ours to carry stuff we need to get inside the house after shopping and it is a lifesaver.

  18. The amount of things to buy for a baby is endless, but I would probably start with childproofing my house as my baby is beginning to crawl…

  19. My best friend is pregnant with her first so I would love to either gift her the card OR buy her an infinity breast feeding scarf and a nursing pillow

  20. I don’t know of anybody in my family who is expecting but if there would be one, I will send them the link to your post. You pretty much got everything covered. My grandson is 19 months old and I think my daughter could use those mommy hooks when they go out shopping.

  21. These are all such great ideas for a baby registry. So many people are overwhelmed and have no idea what all they will need.

  22. On my list, I adore the HaloSleep Sack Swaddle.. I love how the sleeveless design keeps baby comfortable & not too hot. Plus the bottom unzips for easy diaper changes! Bottom line– it’s like giving baby a cozy hug!

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