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My Open Letter to the Cast and Crew of #Furious7

Open Letter to Cast & Crew of #Furious7 - THANK YOU. - sixtiemommy.comDear Cast & Crew of Furious 7,

I went to see Furious 7 April 3rd. I walked in really not knowing what to expect, fully prepared to cry. I laughed, I teared up and then I cried like a baby.

We, the fans, never knew Paul but we felt as though we did. Through movies, talk shows and social media it’s easy to gain access to the stars we love, follow along with them and feel a little bit closer than normal. When the accident happened none of us knew what the future would hold, but we waited.

You didn’t disappoint. The movie was simply beautiful. So well done. Funny, emotional and most of all raw, full of emotion and love. You could see it in all your eyes, and all the eyes of those of us in the theatre.

The ending. The ending was the definition of perfection. It’s exactly what us fans needed to say goodbye. As we all watched with streams and streams of tears flooding down our cheeks, grown men sniffling and wiping the tears away from their eyes, we were proud. Not only of Paul and his final film, or how good it was and his dedication at the end but we were proud of the cast we had watched for the last 16 years. You showed some of us who have been mourning after loosing loved ones, just what it is to move on, without forgetting. You showed us exactly how family can be affected by such tragedy, and still carry on. For Paul.

I lost my mom at 16, and it’s exactly what I needed to see to move on. When something so sad, so sudden and so heartbreaking happens we all want to curl up in a ball and just wish it all away, but you didn’t. You came back, you carried on and you made the world proud. No doubt your brother is too.

So this is my open thanks to you, cast and crew of Fast and Furious 7. Thank you. For showing us, the world, how to be stronger and how to move forward even if we really don’t want to. PW would be so humbled and proud. You did good.

Thank you.