Namefully Gothic Initial Necklace Review


Jewelery! Who doesn't love it? What about inital necklaces? They are all the rage right now, check out this Namefully Inital Necklace Review! - sixtimemommy.comI love jewelry. Who doesn’t? I often find myself looking at some of the fantastic jeweler boutiques online. My favorite pieces are usually necklaces. Lately, I have seen lots of initial jewelry and I’ve been particularly looking at Name Necklace Official. I love pretty much anything personalized and I think a personalized necklace is such a great gift to give and receive. I always liked the look of them but I know Justin would rip mine off while breastfeeding so if I got one it would have to be durable, and little finger-friendly!

Namefully is has a great selection of colours and styles! But I decided I would get the J for Jordan, and let him wear it… When the necklace arrived the chain was a bit too girly, so I will have to change that if he decides he does want it but if not I’ll keep it tucked away. I was extremely impressed with the packaging. It came in a pretty little mesh bag, and on it’s own little board with information about the product and company.

namefully2The J it’s self is it’s thick (3mm). It’s 2cm wide and 20mm in height. It’s the perfect size for a necklace. This J is acrylic and a bit flimsy. It’s a Gothic font, and we chose the color Black although there are over 6 colours to choose from! I think it’s a really great child or preteen type necklace.

namefully3The chain is 18″ and you have your choice of chain lengths (14″ to 22″)

My girls are obsessed with this necklace they both want one in their initials so I told them for their Birthdays I will get them one. Namefully also offers a bunch more options for necklaces (monogram, and full name necklaces) so I will let them see what they prefer!

Kyla has been wearing mine for a little bit now and she loves it. She’s been complimented a few times, and asked where she got it! It’s funny when people ask what the J stands for when her name is Kyla, but she just says it’s my mom! Too cute.

Where to Buy and Price:
For this specific Gothic Initial Necklace in Acrylic you can purchase here. Price is $25


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.


  1. I like it. A LOT. I always have a necklace on, so I am going to have to get myself an “R” one :)

  2. This would make a great gift for my one Granddaughter. She is into the Gothic stuff so she would be happy if I got her this. It is cute!

  3. This looks like a really nice necklace. I think it would be perfect for my younger niece.

  4. I like monogram jewelry, it always makes a nice gift. Not sure I have anything that would go with this piece as goth is not really my style.

  5. That is a very cool necklace. I have always loved monogrammed necklaces. This one really stands out!

  6. Did you have a license plate for your bicycle with your name on it? I was always looking for one! I made up for it by buying all kinds of things with my initials on them. This would be a fun gift for my daughter.

  7. Very cool the Gothic look in initials for girls’ necklaces – who would have thought – and they can be different from what others have – nice!

  8. This would have been perfect for me in highschool. I was much more an alternative style dresser then.

  9. that necklace looks awesome!!! i will have to look at this more for my daughter, i bet she will love it.

  10. It is a bit chunky for my style, but it looks like Namefully has a good product line.

  11. It’s not really my style but I know some folks that would love it! It is really different and bold, but in a subtle way (if that makes any sense).

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