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Soothe and Improve Sleep With the NestedBean Classic Zen Swaddle


I’ve always been a fan of swaddling. I have done it with all my babies but didn’t really get serious about it until Justin, baby number five.

With him I bought over 40 swaddle blankets, most of which were muslin and although I think they were great and did the job – they never really provided a peace of mind for me. I always worried if he would wiggle out of the swaddle, did I swaddle him too loose or too tight? To be honest, it never really had him sleep any better either.

When I was contacted to review the Classic Zen Swaddle by the NestedBean I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of them or the product before. So before saying yes I researched the brand and the swaddle. I was really pleased to see it wasn’t just another swaddle blanket, it was actually much more!


This swaddle was designed to last longer – 2 sizes in 1 design. Fits babies 0-6 months old (twice as long as most other swaddles)

It’s super soft and durable – it’s 100% luxuriosly soft cotton. Machine washable. Bpa and phalatate free. It’s so easy to use, and quick to get on which is pretty important when it comes to Hanna as she doesn’t like waiting!

How it Works:

Your touch soothes: Your baby sleeps better in your embrace or with your palm on their chest.
Mimics your touch: The Zen Swaddle simulates the pressure from your touch with lightly weighted pads on their chest and sides.
Improves sleep: Mom’s who’ve used it report their babiesfall asleep easier and stay asleep longer within 1 to 3 nights.

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical. Hanna is a great sleeper and wakes every 2.5-3 hours to nurse. So I wanted to see if having this swaddle on right after nursing when she falls asleep if it would have any effect on her sleep pattern and guess what? It did! I had to actually wake her up to nurse her after 3.5 hours because I was afraid if I let her sleep anymore it would affect her blood sugar levels (she was a gestational diabetes baby and had some issues with blood sugar after birth, read here)

I was impressed. She is usually one to wake 10-15 minutes before her feedings, and I had to wake her up! That was crazy to me. It actually works. She didn’t fuss while sleeping, she didn’t wake at little noises the other kids made or when the dogs barked. She got a really decent 3.5 hour nap! It was lovely for both her and I. I got some work done, and she had uninterrupted sleep!



Isn’t it cute too? There are different colours and designs, there is also different types of swaddles NestedBean offers. I can’t wait to try the others as Hanna grows. We will be using this swaddle for at least 6 months though, it’s wonderful, easy to use, and keep clean! We really enjoy it, and so does miss Hanna. Did I mention its soft as butter? Yeah — it really is! We need an adult size!

To Purchase:

Head to – and purchase your own Zen Swaddle for $29.99!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given this product complimentary to post this review. However all opinions are mine and 100% true.

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