Top 10 Movies to Watch For Family Night on Netflix Canada + Popcorn Treat Bowl Recipe



Netflix has become a huge favourite in our house! Especially now that the kids are home for the Summer we can do family movie nights more often, and enjoy having everyone pile onto the living room couches and floor to sit down and watch a movie together without worrying about waking up early for school!

The problem with my kids and movie nights is – someone is always unhappy with the movie choice. It never fails. Jordan usually doesn’t join us anymore because all the movies are usually 10 and under, and not of any interest to him – which makes me so sad, but he’s usually doing his own thing with his friends or his phone/ps4 in his room.

I recently sat down and took a look at all the movies available right now on Netflix Canada and made up a list of 10 movies we are going to sit and watch for our Family Movie Night’s which usually fall on a Monday night now (husband is off on Tuesday so we can party all night, woohoo!)

Top 10 Movies to Watch for Family Night on Netflix Canada


  1. Hero Quest
  2. Flubber
  3. Hatched
  4. Brother Bear
  5. The Seventh Dwarf
  6. Problem Child
  7. Muppets Most Wanted
  8. Free Birds
  9. Escape from Planet Earth
  10. Thunder and the House of Magic

All of these are age appropriate and fun for kids. We haven’t seen any of them and thankfully Netflix Canada has us covered so once we finish all these movies, we will be able to find loads more to keep us entertained!

I haven’t owned a DVD Player or BLU Ray player in years. We depend on our Roku box and streaming stick for our needs, and I’m even considering ditching cable once again to only focus on having the box. I find spending an extra $200 a month on digital cable for bedrooms to be a waste, because we never really use them. Movie night is when we watch tv or we are spending the majority of the time outside or at the park!

However, when we do sit down for a good family flick there is always the “I’m hungry!” and “Can we have a snack?” comments from a good 10 minutes before the movie starts, right on in if we don’t fix them something! Usually it’s popcorn, or a cracker mix but I am determined to switch things up and make things a bit more fun around here! For this weeks movie night check out our popcorn treat bowl!



  • 1 batch of popcorn – popped
  • 1/2 cup – butter
  • 2/3 cup – sugar
  • 1/3 cup – corn syrup
  • 1 tsp – vanilla
  • Food coloring (blue and green) – optional

Candy Ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup Blue Sparkling Sugar
  • 1 Bag Swedish Fish
  • 3 Packs Kids Gummies (the type found in a box in the cereal isles)
  • 1 Pack Sour Octopuses


Combine the butter, sugar, corn syrup, and vanilla over medium heat until it is all dissolved and starts to boil. Add food coloring if desired. Remove from burner and pour over popcorn. Add in the candy ingredients. Mix well and enjoy!




Do you have any special treats you like to make when you sit down for Family Movie night?


  1. It’s fun to make a snack or treat that you don’t normally have, on a movie night. Sometimes my son and I will look up different recipes from Pinterest and decide which one we want to try that night. I like that it’s a lot of fun.

  2. Muppets Most Wanted was a cute movie. It’s definitely great for a family movie night. How fun that it’s on NEtflix Canada.

  3. Flubber was one of my favorite childhood movies, I totally forgot all about it! That popcorn also looks so yummy! I don’t have kids yet, but I think I’d love that treat just as much!

  4. Flubber is one of our family favorites. We love to have a movie night and eat delicious snacks. I will have to try this recipe.

  5. OMG, Flubber! Such a throwback – I LOVED that movie when I was little! That popcorn looks sooo good too! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day up there! : )

  6. I love movie night with my kids especially during the summer because there are more movies to choose from and more time for us to see them! I also make sure I prepare for our movie night by shopping for or making snacks! This is a cool recipe! The kids will love it!

  7. We always watch Netflix movies during our family nights. This is indeed a great list of movies. The popcorn recipe I will have to make for sure. Thanks for the list and the recipe.

  8. We don’t have a DVD player anymore either – well I’m sure somewhere there’s one – but it’s so funny to think, now we just rely on Roku/Apple TV/Netflix, etc! That popcorn bowl looks sooo yummy too, I love that those movies are ones everyone can enjoy! Great post!

  9. These movies all sound like something we would all love. We have Netflix too, it’s all we watch tv with.

  10. Glad to see that Brother Bear made it on the list. I’ve watched a few times and loved it! As for that treat popcorn bowl, If I gave this to my son, he would be bouncing off the walls for days! lol

  11. I don’t have Netflix. I only watch movies that are available on my cable programming. You have a great selection of movies there.

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