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New Enchantimals Dolls: Where Caring is Our Everything

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mattel Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s no secret my girls have had a rough time in the past with school and bullying. I love being able to help them in any way I can, but it seems through play has always been the best way for Ava to get through things.

We now live in a great city, and my kids go to school with zero tolerance for bullying. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t want my kids to continue to learn about being caring and compassionate.

The Enchantimals are a group of lovable girls who have a special bond with their animal best friends, and even share some of the same characteristics. Together, they live in a fantastical world where fun and adventure are right around every corner!

These adorable 6” dolls wear outfits that reflect their unique personalities, with whimsical nature accents and wildly cute animal touches. Plus, each doll comes with a unique animal bestie that features an irresistible expression and too-cute character details. Kids will love playing out enchanting stories with these enchanted friends and celebrating the world where “Caring Is Our Everything!”

Each Enchantimal comes with matching animal friends! Each one as a little friend that matches who they are! This helps promote bonding… Ava was thrilled that each one had a matching friend and explained to her little brothers why it was important and how they’d get each bond with their buddies.

When your kids have dealt with things such as bullying in school, where the school didn’t do a single thing to help – it’s important to teach them compassion and caring. Making sure they understand how and why compassion is important is key, but also how to show compassion is something I make sure I explain almost daily.

The Enchantimals dolls are loveable characters who share a special bond with their accompanying animal bff. Each doll shares a ritual with her animal that celebrates their unique traits.


Felicity Fox™ and Flick™ – Felicity is quick, clever and completely curious about anything and everything. She’s rarely still and is always ready for any adventure that will take her to a place she’s never seen.

• Fearless leader
• Doesn’t panic
• Explorer

Animal Powers
• Heightened senses
• Moves silently

Favorite Activities
Felicity and Flick love to go exploring together, especially to places they have never been to before.

Patter Peacock™ and Flap™ – Patter is proud of her fashionable feathers, and she loves to encourage her friends to be proud too. She also likes to chat, but when she gets nervous, she bursts into song.

• Chatty
• Confident
• Loves to encourage others

Animal Powers
• Ability to fly in short bursts

Favorite Activities
Patter may not have the best singing voice, but when she teams up with Flap their songs are always belted out in perfect harmony.

Sage Skunk™ and Caper™ – Sage has a mind as quick as her feet. She’s an ace problem solver, and no matter how complicated the situation Sage can find a solution for it. She’s also more than a bit of a prankster at heart.

• Optimistic
• Funny
• Prankster

Animal Powers
• Nose for danger
• Never panics

Favorite Activities
When Sage and Caper aren’t working on a new song together, they’re usually planning a clever prank.

Bree Bunny™ and Twist™ – Bree is the craftiest of all the Enchantimals. Not in the devious or sly sense of the word, but in the DIY sense. She always seems to be up to her ears in some project that threatens to consume her every waking moment.

• Creative
• Full of energy
• Tinkerer

Animal Powers
• Excellent jumping ability
• Superior hearing

Favorite Activities
Bree and Twist are like twin tornadoes of creativity when it comes to do-it-yourself projects. The bigger and more complicated the project the better.

Danessa Deer™ and Sprint™ – Danessa is the shy and quiet type whose actions speak louder than her words. A true nurturer at heart, Danessa always seems to be in the right place at the right time with just the right amount of support and encouragement for a friend in need.

• Nurturer
• Strong
• Sensitive

Animal Powers
• Fast runner
• Excellent vision

Favorite Activities
Danessa and Sprint’s favourite game is to race each other through the forest to see who is the fastest. Someone usually wins by an antler.

I know as a mom I look for toys that are fun and promote what I believe in but also lets kids use their imagination. Enchantimals are special toys that help make playtime more fun, creative and lovable! Showing our children through play the right way to treat others, and how bonding is a fantastic idea. With Enchantiamals the fun is endless, and they appeal to just about everyone. My boys included, were thrilled to be able to play with these fun, playful characters.

Ava is so happy that she can share these toys with her friends on our new street – they may even help them create and new special bond!

For more information and to Meet the Enchantimals head over to the Enchantimals YouTube Page

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