Tuxedo New Years Eve Noise Maker Shakers

New Years Eve is right around the corner. I’m not really sure what happened to 2018 but it’s quickly about to be 2019 and we are ready to celebrate here in our house! These adorable Tuxedo New Years Eve Noise Maker Shakers are sure to bring a little extra fun to any party or get together!I wanted to make sure these would be different and go with just about any theme. I think they turned out really cute and they were pretty easy to make. My boys had a blast playing with them for the shoot, and can’t wait to use them for our NYE festivities in a few weeks.For this project, you only need a few items, and I got everything I needed at the dollar store!

Materials Needed:

  • Styrofoam cups
  • Dry beans
  • Black Paint
  • 2 paint brushes – one thick and wide, one small and skinny
  • Glue gun / glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

Super easy, and super cute!


  1. For each shaker, you need two styrofoam cups. Paint each bottom fully black, and for the tops, you want to paint the back and sides but leave the front open like a tuxedo jacket and shirt. To make this process easier.
  2. Once the paint is dry paint on your bow tie and your buttons going down the front of the shirt
  3. Once those have dried, take scissors and puncture a hole in the top of the top cup
  4. Cut your ribbon to the desired length you’d like and place them through the hole in the top of the top cup
  5. Glue gun inside that top cup where the ribbon is in with a big chunk of glue so that the ribbon doesn’t move or shift.
  6. Pour some dry beans in your bottom half of the shaker. I used about 2 tablespoons for each
  7. Then carefully go around the top of the bottom cup with your glue gun and immediately place the top cup on the bottom cup where the glue is – hold in place for a minute or two.
  8. Once dry, you are good to use your shakers – I left mine for about 12 hours before letting the kiddos shake and have fun with them so as to make sure the paint and the glue were fully dry.

Not doing much for NYE but still, want to make it a fun night home with the kiddos? I have some ideas I’d love to share from my last fifteen years of being a mama who doesn’t go anywhere for NYE.


Games: Family fun with board games, card games and yes even game consoles! Have a blast as a family playing until your heart’s content, stay up late and have some laughs!

Bake: Baking as a family with a fun NYE theme is always enjoyable. Make cookies, cupcakes or even a cake and decorate with fun silver and gold colors, or even edible dust – sure to get the kids excited!

Campout: Have a big campout in the main living area as a family. Read books, play music, watch movies and sing songs!

Watch the ball drop: My kids have always gotten a kick out of staying up late to watch the ball drop on Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve!

Arts and crafts: Spend the night making fun memories while making fun crafts and art to hang around the house, put in a safe box or hang in the kid’s room – make it NYE themed and have them draw/paint/color their upcoming goals for the year!

Noise Maker Shakers: MAKE THESE SHAKERS! I promise the result is SO worth it with the little ones! No matter how you are celebrating the upcoming new year, remember to do so responsibly and with joy.

These fun shakers are perfect for every NYE event. Place these on the table, or give them out at the door when your guests arrive they are sure to please!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to 2019 and a great year!

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