No Bake Cake Batter Poppers


I have been having so much fun lately trying out new recipes, coming up with treats the kids would love, and trying to see what I can do with photos. I won’t lie I used not really to put too much effort into my photos, but ever since I got my new DSLR I’ve had a serious photo bug and all I can think about most days is what can I make next and how can I photograph it?

I am still not at 100% where I want to be when it comes to taking photos. Sometimes the light is often difficult to figure out, especially inside. I do have a little studio type space set up in my basement now with two professional lights, so it’s coming along! Food is one of those things that I love making; I love photographing but lately, I haven’t wanted to eat much of.

These delicious and so easy no bake cake batter poppers are one of those things that you make and want to eat all 40+ poppers but you can’t because they are sweet! These are perfect for the ultimate sweet tooth!


  • Sprinkle Boxed Cake
  • 4 TBSP butter softened
  • White melting candy chocolates
  • Sprinkles


  1. In a medium mixing bowl mix cake batter mix and butter until well combined and smooth
  2. Form into small balls/”poppers” and set aside
  3. Melt white melting candy in microwave as directed, and quickly start to dunk and coat each popper moving fast
  4. As you coat place poppers on a large cookie sheet, cover with parchment paper
  5. Sprinkle with sprinkles immediately before the chocolate dries (I had one of my kids help me with this one!)
  6. Let stand for 25 minutes or pop in the fridge for 5-10 minutes
  7. Enjoy!

The only thing I would suggest for this recipe is to use an excellent quality cake. Also, don’t put extra sprinkles in the mix. We tried this with a different batch and the sprinkles put inside made the taste a bit off. I would buy a funfetti mix or something like it. Don’t add sprinkles inside, just on the outside!

Although my kids LOVE this recipe, and now request it often I am limiting how much I make it. It’s very sweet, and if you make the whole box, you’ll get a good amount of poppers. My kids would eat them all day, every single day if I let them — they are THAT good.

So, be warned! This sweet treat won’t stay in the house long!

They are small but mighty with flavor. So good, and so very addicting. Eat just one or two! They will be a big hit!


Do you have a serious sweet tooth like me? What is your favorite sweet treat to indulge in?


  1. These look absolutely delicious and need to make!! I have a major sweet tooth too! Cookies and cake! I can’t control it! Haha!

  2. Wow your photos look stunning! You are doing a great job figuring out how to capture all the delicious details with your new camera. Also, these cake batter poppers look amazing!

  3. Oh gosh not having to actually bake a cake to make cake pops would be awesome. I’ve never been a fan of that part of making them, always felt like a terrible waste of a perfectly baked cake to crumble it up immediately.

  4. I am drooling looking at your FAB photos! I am totally all about cake batter and sprinkles, so making these this weekend. Cant wait to enjoy these little yummies soon!

  5. Oh man these look amazing! They seem so simple and I bet they would be perfect for a party too! I might have to make them for my next get together.

  6. These look beyond delicious!! I love any treat that’s easy to make and one that doesn’t require baking is an extra bonus.

  7. These look so decadent and sweet! I love sprinkle boxed cake, so I know I would love these. Sometimes I want cake, but a whole slice makes me feel too full. These look like the perfect size!

  8. I noticed a great improvement in the quality of your photos lately! Great job, Jeanine! And I find that dessert is one of the most exciting things to photograph. When done right, you can almost wish you could lick the photo!

  9. Practice makes perfect as they say! It’s awesome that you’re practicing your photography skills so that you can get to a level that you’re happy with. I think this is a good recipe to learn especially since it’s so easy!

  10. I do like my sweets every now and again. I sometimes pick up a cake pop at Starbucks when I need just a bit or two of sweetness. I really need to try making them at home, especially when there is no baking involved.

  11. My niece and nephew love cake pops or pop cakes as they sometimes call them. I’ve often thought about making them with them when I visit. This looks like it might be the perfect recipe because there isn’t too much baking or wait time involved.

  12. As I have been reading your blog, my husband who is a certified sweet toothed human being, just forcefully took the computer. Haha. (It’s a bit exaggerated) I mean, who wouldn’t, the looks of it entice him to already eat the screen. And I think, he can finish all of it, not just one or two.

  13. I normally don’t get into sweets that much, but I’ve been having a sweet tooth lately. I’ll definitely have to try this recipe sometime soon!

  14. You had me at no bake! I am not a baking person! I love it! Thanks so much for this! Will use this for my kids’birthday this summer!

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