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No Cost Things To Do During The Always Changing Fall Weather With Kids!

thingstodofallFall is one of my favourite seasons! It can be either really cold, really rainy or in between during Fall where I live. It varies from day to day. So often, I have no real plans but I’ve come up with ideas for things to do on any such day with my kids and figured I would share with you all and hopefully get some ideas from you as well! You don’t have to constantly spend money, be out of the house or on the town or do extravagant things to have fun as a family!

For the Chilly Days:
If you still want to get out don’t be afraid to! Get dressed warmly and take the kids (and/or dogs!) for a walk. One of my all time favourite things to do during Fall is to take kids on walks. We can do a Nature Hunt where they take a bag and collect things from outside the represent Fall. Different Colour Leaves, Pinecones and anything else they may find and think “fall” when they see it! We can also just go for a walk and enjoy walking and talking!


We also often stay in, get in our pjs, light some candles, pop up some popcorn and throw blankets all over the living room floor and watch movies! We do this a lot during the winter too but it’s a favourite in the Fall!

For the Rainy Wet Days:
Grab a board game! Put away the electronics and have a family game day/night! We usually play Pictionary, Charades, and we just got Monopoly Junior! The kids love this and it gets us all laughing, hollering and having fun!


Puzzles! Who doesn’t love puzzles? This is one of my girls absolute favourite things to do. They can sit for hours at the table together doing a puzzle! It’s quiet, requires focus and team work!

In Between Weather:
You can do any of the above! But we love going outside and playing with the tons of leaves all over the place!

Making piles and jumping. Grabbing handfuls and throwing them around while giggling and yelling! It’s so much fun.


Leaves can also be great for art! As well as Pinecones! So on those in between days we like to go collect some leaves and Pinecones and see what we can come up with for arts and crafts!

Any you can think to add? What does your family like to do during the always changing Fall weather?